Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Wynn Win!

I admit that I'm a hotel snob. This is largely due to the fact that I worked for many years in the hotel industry. I know what is expected and I refuse to settle for any less. I know that at least 2-3 people are down on the floor in a bathroom checking for stray hairs so if I happen to find one on my hotel bathroom floor I'm not just grossed out I'm also offended that 2-3 people were too lazy to notice it. The other thing that has turned me into a snob are relatively inexpensive hotel rooms in Las Vegas. I've stayed in rooms for $79 that made a $329 room in Boston look like a trash heap. Suffice it to say that my hotel standards are high and I expect a lot for very little.

Enter Wynn Las Vegas. It did not disappoint. Here is the huge bathroom. I couldn't fit it all in this picture:

This is the rest of the room. There are push button controls to operate the lights and windows so that when I walked in I touched a button and like something out of a movie the lights brightened and the curtains parted revealing floor to ceiling windows with a view of the property, down the entire Strip and out to the mountains.

I don't usually even bother with the little toiletries that a hotel leaves for you because the quality stinks, they smell even stinkier and I just don't have any interest. These products are fabulous. I first tried them at my trip to the spa and I felt great the rest of the day. Here's my takeaway: shower gel, shampoo, conditioner , moisturizer, body and hand soap, packs of Q tips and cotton swabs, shoe polish and buffing clothes:

I was sorry to leave but glad to head home. Oh did I mention the bubble glass wine glasses or the ipod docking station? It's really hard for me to stay at a Comfort Inn after a trip to Vegas!

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