Monday, August 29, 2011

SpikeFest 2011

In 1993 I was new to Portland and newly 21 years old.  A friend I worked with told me I had to check out local band Twisted Roots.  I bought the album, loved it and started going to their shows.  Before long it was a regular occurrence that I would be hanging out at Zootz, T-Birds and Asylum watching Twisted Roots.  I remember countless nights hanging in the mosh pit with guys at least twice my size just rocking out like crazy.  I felt so comfortable and at home in that environment.  Over the years music changed and Twisted Roots played out less and less. The band along with their fans started getting older, having kids and basically grew up a bit. 

Moving back to Portland I re-committed myself to catching them every chance I could.  They played last December at The Big Easy and it was a great night.  So, I had been patiently waiting for months for the next show.  They had announced that they would do a show over the summer so I waited and waited...

Then I woke up one morning to several Facebook messages that someone close to the music scene and a major part of life during that time had passed away.  In no time at all bands pulled together to do a benefit show in his honor and SpikeFest 2011 was born.

One of the opening bands was Whitcomb.  I thought I had seen them at the December Big Easy show and they were good so I was excited.  Well,  when I looked onstage I had two thoughts..."I guess I didn't see Whitcomb before" and "I know him!! Can that be who I think it is...Oh yeah it's him!!"  You see- a band called Tripe used to always play with Twisted Roots.  Some of the best shows ever happened at Zootz with TR and Tripe.  Having been away from the music scene I had no idea that the lead singer was now in Whitcomb.  He's magnificent and here is Whitcomb:

Before twisted Roots came on we grabbed a drink and took a few photos of our own.  These photos are when we were only slightly shiny and the humidity was only 110%.  Thank goodness we didn't wait much longer to get some good shots!

Here's the set list (except they closed with Tracks, not sure if there was another song in it's place):

I LOVE this picture sooo much:

It was the drummer's birthday that night:

It was an insane show with people acting crazy!  Really good music for a good cause does that to people :)

All photos except the close ups of myself and Jeanne are courtesy of Jewlee Robinson, a true Roots fan!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Vacation Food

I don't tend to eat out often but since I'm on vacation this week I admit that I got take out for dinner last night and again for lunch today. 

Last night's stop was Chipotle.  If you haven't been, you should check it out.  The founder's motto is "Food With Integrity".  They have a small menu with fresh, flavorful, quality ingredients.  In the two times I've been there I have witnessed them hand chopping cilantro and onions- no frozen produce here.  I've also seen them hand mashing avocados which they claim to do three times a day.  Their web site is very transparent and fully discloses all ingredients and nutritional information.  When your food is good you really have little to hide.  Here's a link to Food With Integrity.  As proof that I am not alone in loving this relatively new addition to the area there was a very long line of people that wrapped along the wall, down to the door, and then back along the outer edge.  Totally worth it.

Today I walked downtown to the farmer's market.  It was pouring rain but I think that only thinned the crowds out a tad.  Here are photos of the grower I bought from.  I got some of these great cherry tomatoes and I also bought a bunch of cukes.

After leaving the farmer's market I headed up Congress Street to Green Elephant.  It had just opened for lunch so I got the first order in for Pad Thai.  Five minutes later I left with food in hand.  The inside of the restaurant is small but very well done. I've only ever had take out and it is definitely fresh and a step above.