Friday, December 30, 2011


A couple of weeks ago I watched the documentary Fat Sick And Nearly Dead.  It tells the story of two very unhealthy men who take the drastic step of a 60 day juice fast to help loose weight and get healthy.  I have watched several inspiring documentaries lately but this one really moved me to action.  They showed a woman who used a juice fast to help with her migraines. I was sold.  I started today on a 15 day juice fast.  I have the next 4 1/2 days off of work and I'm hoping that any nasty detox stuff will be done by then. I am also giving up Diet Coke for at least the next 60 days so this is really monumental and my body is not going to be happy!

Here was my load from the grocery store.  I expect this to last me the first 5 days.

I made my first glass this morning. 

It was quite a production that took about 30 minutes to juice and clean up.  I'm hoping that will get easier!  It tastes suprisingly good.  It has a clean, refreshing taste with a lot of the cucumber coming through.  This juice is Kris Carr's "Make Juice, Not War" green juice.  Here is a link to the recipe and her website: Kris Carr Crazy, Sexy Life- juice recipe.   Her story is an amazing one!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Vegas Vegan

Yes, I had to throw in a food post about my trip to Las Vegas.  This is my first vacation since going vegan.  Las Vegas is about excess of alcohol, money and food but it is hardly a mecca of clean, natural, meat and dairy free food...or so I thought. Enter Wynn Las Vegas.  Steve Wynn and his wife began living a vegan lifestyle a couple of years ago.  They mandated that all restaurants in their hotel from the pizza place to the fancy steakhouse have a vegan menu.  Not just a crappy vegan option but an entire selection of choices: breakfast, lunch and dinner, every restaurant.  More about Steve Wynn and his vegan venture

The first meal I had was at the Italian restaurant Stratta.  I chose a thin crust pizza with caramelized onions, broccoli rabe and a smattering of soy cheese.  I finished my meal with coconut tapioca with strawberries and a citrus infusion.  Quite divine!

The next morning at breakfast we ate at the Terrace Cafe and I enjoyed french toast made of baguette and dipped in banana soy milk.  Drizzled with real maple syrup and strawberries I can't think of a bad word about this.  The next day I ate lighter but no less fabulously: Special K vanilla with almonds, almond milk and fresh fruit :)

We ate twice at the buffet and the highlight for me was the pasta station.  I watched while a chef freshly prepared spinach and artichoke raviolis in a dairy free Alfredo sauce.  I chose to add in spinach and garlic. It was great!

I had the Vegan Meal Deal at Pizza Place. I started with a fresh crisp salad with a great Italian dressing.  I had a side of garlic knots with a marinara dipping sauce.  I topped that all off with a pineapple and soy cheese pizza that was heaven!!

I ended the week of feasting with a trip to Ronald's Donuts on the way to the airport.  We stopped in at 5:15 am and were warmly greeted by the Asian husband and wife who run the place.  They don't have any signs but the entire top two rows of donuts are vegan.  I got 6 glazed donut holes and a cream filled chocolate covered glazed donut.  They were gone before I made it on the plane and I immediately wished I had gotten a dozen.  Ronald rocks!