Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring Fashion

Once upon a time I was considered fashionable, even trendy.  Then a couple of things happened...In 2005 I left my corporate job and spent a couple of years hanging out at playgrounds and libraries so I had no need for frilly dresses and funky sandals.  I also happened to gain about 15 pounds so I wasn't highly inspired to try on and buy many clothes.  I've been back in the "corporate" world for three of years now, I've lost 10 of those pounds and without consciously meaning to I am very motivated by clothes this season. 

I have been drawn to all things ruffled--purses, shoes, shirts...if it has a ruffle I want it.  I'm also loving color.  Not just purple as usual but lime green and bright blue.  I went shopping yesterday and brought home a pile of loot.  I had come into a little extra cash.  Combine that with a 50% off store closing and it was meant to be.

This shirt has the required ruffles and flowy fabric that will be great with black pants this summer:

Here comes the lime green.  Plus note the one shirt combines lime green with ruffles.  Isn't it sickening? :

Shoes:  I desperately wanted a fun pair of sandals with flowers down the middle.  The ones I saw before were either too fancy or too expensive.  But here I have not only lavender flat sandals AND black wedges.  Casual and 50% off! :

I even found shorts that I like which is really saying something.  These both have such a fun pattern but more importantly they have a stretchy fabric! :

Now, I will it to become warm and stay sunny!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Into The Wild

Lou has been going ouside on a harness and leash since he was just a kitten.  He doesn't mind the harness a bit.  In fact it makes him feel safe and secure out there in the wild outdoors... kinda like how you wouldn't enjoy ziplining as much if you weren't wearing a harness!

He's out the door and he's off:

Spot #1 to rest and roll:

What was that noise? :

Spot #2 to rest and roll:

Dirty boy:

Monday, April 4, 2011

Green Smoothie

I've been making fruit smoothies for a while now by usually mixing strawberries with almond milk. I've been reading a lot about making green smoothies from veggies. I decided to throw together a bunch of stuff I had handy and see how it came out.

I threw the strawberries, kale, apple, and cucumber in the food processor and then added a bit of cinnamon and almond milk. I hit the button and hoped for the best.

I ended up with a red and green looking holiday drink. This smoothie tasted pretty good but was far from the emerald green smoothie of my dreams. Back to the drawing board on this one.