Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hypocritical Tanning?

It only takes a quick look at me to realize that I don't have skin that tans.  Over the years I've gotten very well versed at sunscreen application and am pleased to say that I can enjoy plenty of time in the sun enjoying myself and I don't get burned or get any color at all.  I wish our society didn't place such an emphasis on tanned Caucasian skin being the norm of beauty.  I've never even dabbled in sunless tanning because it seemed hypocritical.  Even if I received my color in a safe manner wasn't I still perpetuating the idea that tan is best?

But I admit I am human and this past week I started dabbling with self-tanner.  I have two very important back to back trips coming up: a Mexican cruise followed by a stay at a resort in Aruba.  I kind of thought it might be nice to have some glow.  

I started experimenting with the Jergens Natural Glow that has been around for several years.  

After a few days here was the beginning of a tan I only applied the lotion on the top of my left hand so that I could have the right hand to compare.  I'm not sure how easy it is to see in the pictures but the left hand definitely has a nice, subtle tan color emerging:

After a full week I had a tan that might be a little too strong for me. This picture isn't such a yellowish color as the first one so it actually looks less bright here but brighter in person, if that makes any sense.   Maybe I'm just not used to the color.  You can clearly see my "tan lines" on my hand.

So, I am definitely conflicted.  Questions I find myself asking:

1. Am I being a hypocrite?
2. Is it worth the time and effort and apply and keep up before and during vacation?
3. Is the color natural and more importantly is it me?

Hmmm....I'm honestly not sure how I feel about this one.  But kudos to Jergens because the product really does work and it was super easy to use. 

Portland Has A Visitor

I thought I left work in plenty of time to avoid any road closures or temporary traffic stops due to Obamas's visit.  I made it to the light at State and Danforth and traffic seems stopped for no reason: the bridge must be up.  It seemed much too early at 4:15 for this to be caused by Obama.  I was barely able to scoot around a couple of cars to make a right hand turn and that's when I noticed the police barricade.  Okay, this was more than the bridge being open.  I made my way to my little parking spot at the end of State Street and this is the view I encountered.  No traffic as far as the eye could see.

As a walked up the hill I saw traffic just stopped.  People were trapped.  Can't go forward and no way to go back.  So, people got out of their cars and were milling around.

I guess it wasn't enough to have the police cars at the bottom of the hill near the bridge and going up the hill at the intersection of State and Danforth.  There also was a police car stopped snack in the middle.  Just in case...

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spa Day

On Friday I spent five hours at the Senator Inn Spa.  I started out with a long workout in the gym.  I forgot my ipod so I didn't really enjoy my time on the treadmill but I still persevered and did about 30 minutes cardio and the rest weight machines, free weights, balance ball and jump rope.  After a quick shower I headed to the pool area.  

The pool area is my favorite part.  It looks like serenity with a painted cloud ceiling.  There is a hot tub on one end and a large mineral pool for when the hot tub is too warm.  There is also a steam room and dry saunas.  Heaven!  

After being wet for a while I was ready to just relax poolside in my white fluffy robe reading some magazines that I had picked up in the fitness room.

Finally, I headed up to the treatment rooms waiting area and had a fabulous massage.  It's even better that work reimburses me for the massage as part of a wellness incentive.  So, a perfectly lovely day...and all for a $20 co-pay!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Trader Joe's

I apologize in advance for what may be the most boring post ever but I haven't written in a while and I fear if I don't write SOMETHING that I may never write again!  I'm hoping this will spark some creativity and motivation!

I will start by saying that I am not a fan of Trader Joe's.  I've tried.  When it first opened I made a couple of trips hoping I would find it lived up to all of the hype.  For me it did not.  However, in these excursions I will admit to finding a few items that I really do enjoy.  Because of that I do make a Trader Joe's trip every once in a while to stock up on items that I really want.  I try to get in and out as quickly as possible.  They were playing some really heinous music this trip which just added to the pressure to get done quickly!

I bought a bouquet of tulips for 4.99.  In my mind, and the minds of everyone else around here I believe, spring has arrived.  There is no better way to celebrate the arrival than with a pretty bunch of tulips.  The vase is one I just recently bought at a friend's "At Home America" party.  I paid a lot of money for it and I was disappointed when it arrived.  The base looked unfinished and in need of a coat of spray paint.  The glass vase was really thin and had a couple of blemishes on it.  I had bought it because I love the idea of a tapered base so that stems aren't just floating around like they always seem to when I arrange them in my customary mason jar vase.  I put the tulips in the vase and....bummer...the stems are much too short for the vase.  This picture actually makes them look very good but in reality the flowers aren't poking up out of the vase enough.  I'm afraid this expensive vase is a going to be a great find for someone in a yard sale!

I discovered that I really like the peanut butter at Trader Joe's.  Some natural peanut butter is grainy and not very rich tasting.  This one is very smooth.  It works great for spreading on apple slices.  It also has a yummy flavor that makes it good enough to used in sweet baked goods.  But it still has a simple, short ingredient list.  Score.  I stocked up on 3 jars so I won't need to go back for a while.

I also discovered an incredible edamame hummus.  It is obviously made with raw soybeans instead of chickpeas.  It doesn't actually taste like much of anything.  It has a fantastic whipped texture and is great for dipping bagel chips into!

That completes my exciting adventure at Trader Joe's.  Hopefully this will spark some much needed creativity!