Sunday, November 27, 2011

Neon Museum

I've just returned from Las Vegas and will likely have several Vegas themed posts in a row.  This one focuses on a trip we took to the Neon Boneyard.  For years we were aware that there was a place in Vegas where discarded, old, no longer in use neon signs were kept.  It was not advertised and even if you figured out where it was you couldn't just show up and see the signs.  They have gotten more structured in the past couple of years.  In fact, they are working on an actual museum that will officially be open to the public.  But in the meantime they have organized the neon signs.  They have cleaned up the boneyard so that it isn't a mess of twisted steel and garbage.  We still had to make an appointment ahead of time.  You still cannot, in no uncertain terms, expect to just show up and get a tour.  Well, we made a reservation, were told where the site is and it was so worth the wait.  This is such a little gem of Las Vegas history.

This was our tour guide.  He spent about an hour and a half leading us through the boneyard and telling all kinds of history and facts that I promptly forgot.

When I lived in Las Vegas I lived walking distance from the Showboat and found myself there a few times:

I worked at the Flamingo Hilton so it was neat to see these old Flamingo signs:

Ken is the real Vegas history buff and so I think he thought the whole thing was really neat.  We will be excited to go back once they have an official museum but I like the idea of having been able to see the signs all kind of rough and out in the open like these were.

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