Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Fave Things-Kitchen

Ok, I admit that there isn't much exciting stuff going on and I'm feeling a bit uninspired so.... it's time for another favorite things post.  

I bought a mini Cuisinart food processor.  It looks good on my counter and is small enough that it doesn't become a focal point.  I've been using it for everything.  I really appreciated it last week when I made Asian dumplings as I had to chop onions, garlic, ginger, carrots, cabbage, and cilantro.  It really did cut down on the work.  I'm also using it to make morning smoothies, salad dressings and chopping nuts.

Ahhh spices...when I moved into this place a year ago and was setting this up I had an "extra" drawer that I decided to use for my spices.  What a difference from before when I always had them in a cabinet where I could barely reach high enough to get them, the one I wanted was always shoved in the back and so on.  No, I can't stand them all up but they still look nicely arranged and I even have some extra space for new ones :)

There are two things in one picture here.  First, I love my faucet that has the pull out spray nozzle built in.  Second, I hate, hate, hate washing dishes but I will admit that this pear scented dish soap makes it a little more pleasant.

Well, this isn't really a kitchen item but I do keep it in my kitchen and it is one of my fave things.  I'm a bit of a freak about knowing what the temperature is inside my home and in different areas of my home.  This gauge is showing that in my living room the temperature is 68.1 degrees and in the kitchen it is 70.3 degrees.  I also have one upstairs where it's normally about 66 degrees.  One weird thing about this is the girl on the front.  Of course, the second temperature is meant to be one using an outside sensor which I've chosen not to do.  But as the temperature gets warmer this girl strips her clothes off...??!! Now, if I'm supposed to believe what she says then when it's 68 degrees outside we should all be running around with a midriff top and mini skirt...and high heels.  Hmmm.. maybe if I looked like her and it was 78 degrees but 68...??  Plus note the beach ball.  When it's raining out she has a large umbrella.  Yes, it's weird...but I do like knowing the temperature.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Out And About On A Melting Sunday

Today isn't snowing, the sun is shining AND the temperature is almost 40 degrees.  I had to take advantage by stepping out and taking a walk.  I walked along Commercial street and then zig zagged my way back home.  I wasn't the only one happy for the nice weather:

The warm temperatures did lead to many obstacles along the way.  Man this stuff is going to stink when it freezes tonight!

My 20 year old Bean boots kept my feet dry and comfortable!

I think this motto is needed both this winter and this day's walk!