Sunday, November 13, 2011

Living Room Re-Do

In my perfect life I get to buy a new plush love seat, 32" flat screen TV and vintage dresser stand to place the TV on.  In my real life I get to rearrange my living room so it all feels a little bit newer.

This was my living room when I moved in over a year and a half ago.  There isn't anything wrong with this configuration- but again-just trying to mix things up a little.

Here is the new look:

I made a quick trip to Best Buy for a 25' cable cord and I was able to move the TV to this wall.  Since I wasn't able to buy a vintage dresser to place my new flat screen on I made do with placing some fabric over my Target particle board stand.

The view of the fireplace has opened up.  There is more of a walk through space.  The TV is at a better distance for viewing.  And Lou still has room for his box.  I've gotten him down to just  one box top from the 2 paper bags and 3 boxes that he started the month out with.


  1. Looks good! I always want to move my furniture but my rooms are too small.

  2. I really like the way the fire place is more open. And I love to have a chair by a window. seems so cozy. Also like the idea of covering my particle board tv stand with something attractive. did you sew it to fit or just drape it?