Tuesday, November 8, 2011

CD Swapping

So, a few things happened recently that made me realize I needed to say goodbye to my collection of CDs.  I have been helping clean out my parent's garage and encouraging them to trash, sell or donate every single item.  And yet I had  2 full boxes of empty jewel cases (the CDs being at home in those organizer thingees) sitting in that same garage.  

I've wanted to do something with them for a while.  Although I have fully embraced this digital world we live in I still had a huge fear of all of my music being wiped out with no CD collection to fall back on.  With that fear in mind I subscribed to an online backup site called Carbonite.  I now have all of the files, photos and music on my computer backed up in cyberspace by a reputable company.  So, even if there is a flood, fire, theft or boneheaded user error I can retrieve my music. 

I knew about a site called Swap A Book from my mom.  They have a sister site called Swap A CD.  I have now been spending much time organizing, posting, mailing and requesting CDs.  It seems like each day I come home to find little packages like this in my mailbox:

Today's mail brought me back to 80's.  These are both ones I had on cassette tape but never managed to get on CD... until now.  So, I get the CD, back it up into iTunes and then Carbonite makes it all safe and sound.  Any actual CDs hanging around by my next yard sale will be adios... and everyone's happy!

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