Sunday, May 27, 2012

New Art

I have a couple of new additions to the art on my walls at home.

Here are the signs that Tatiana made me for my surprise in New Orleans.  Ginger had to point them out to me because I was just not catching onto the surprise.  Even then I looked at the sign and though "Huh, that's odd that someone named Trixie is getting picked up at the airport.  How weird.".  Finally I caught on to their mischievous activities and was VERY excited and happy to see everyone together!

I also bought a piece of art in New Orleans.  I truly believe that "art" is whatever you love and whatever speaks to you.  It doesn't matter if you buy it from a city gallery or from a sidewalk street vendor.  In this case I spotted this work right away in Jackson Square.  I decided to wait since we hadn't even started to walk around yet but I ended up coming back to it.  Here I am with the artist and with the picture now displayed in my kitchen.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Can I pick just 5 Fave Vacation Pics??

I recently returned from 2 1/2 straight weeks of vacation!  It included stops in New Orleans, A Cruise, Stops in Progresso and Cozumel Mexico and then a stay in Aruba. 

I have tasked myself with choosing just five photos to post here.  I will choose one photo from NOLA, one on the cruise ship, one in Progresso, one in Cozumel, and one in Aruba.  The pictures have to make me smile, reflect perfectly on that part of the vacation and it can only be one!!!!

So here goes...I'm flipping through photos and this is sooooo difficult!

New Orleans: This photo is taken in front of a tree house made of materials reclaimed from the wreckage from Hurricane Katrina.  We could see it from our hotel room and at first named it  the "White Trash Tree house".  Once we walked down and saw it and learned about it we quickly stopped using that name.  It was a lovely stop and a great beginning to a fabulous day!

The Cruise:  I have a lot of glossy and pretty pictures of myself from the cruise but this is one that truly reflects the perfects moments of being on a cruise ship.  Sitting on a lounge chair on the adults-only Serenity deck, bathing suit and wet hair, holding a pina colada.  Yup, it might not be pretty but it is perfect!

Progresso: We visited Chitzen Itza and I took many pictures of the Mayan Ruins.  But this picture I love. I copied Tatiana and posed for a picture in a tree.  I think I was actually seeking out a small piece of shade!

Cozumel:  I was determined to not eat lunch at a tourist trap.  Eating at Senor Frog's was my worst nightmare.  I did my research and dragged the girls through the seedier part of Cozumel, walked them through a private residence into a backyard garden restaurant.  We had an amazing meal, chatted with some local expatriates, and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Aruba: This was taken our first night in Aruba and I was just so in awe of everything.  I was still trying to process that we were at an amazing resort, having a torchlight dinner on the beach, (with open bar!) and surrounded by such beauty. 

Nature Woke Up!

I recently returned from a two weeks plus out of the country (more on that later).  Before I left we definitely had some nice days and things were turning green but when I left it was April and still a bit quiet in the outside world.  When I!!  All the rain we received along with the calendar turning over into May really made for a beautiful homecoming.

I was thrilled to go into Whole Foods and find these:  Strawberry & Rhubarb Crisp here I come!

I missed capturing a couple of blossoming trees in front of my house but these beautiful pink flowers are currently in full bloom.  I couldn't resisted sneaking a few into my house.  They are brightening up downstairs in three different spots. 

There is also a lilac tree at the end of the street right next to the congestion of traffic converging to go across the bridge.  I love how something so beautiful can grow and prosper in what I would imagine is a rather hostile environment.

I really enjoyed my time away.  However, me cat assures me that I won't be going anywhere else...ever.  So, I'm glad it's so pretty right here at home!