Thursday, December 1, 2011

Vegas Vegan

Yes, I had to throw in a food post about my trip to Las Vegas.  This is my first vacation since going vegan.  Las Vegas is about excess of alcohol, money and food but it is hardly a mecca of clean, natural, meat and dairy free food...or so I thought. Enter Wynn Las Vegas.  Steve Wynn and his wife began living a vegan lifestyle a couple of years ago.  They mandated that all restaurants in their hotel from the pizza place to the fancy steakhouse have a vegan menu.  Not just a crappy vegan option but an entire selection of choices: breakfast, lunch and dinner, every restaurant.  More about Steve Wynn and his vegan venture

The first meal I had was at the Italian restaurant Stratta.  I chose a thin crust pizza with caramelized onions, broccoli rabe and a smattering of soy cheese.  I finished my meal with coconut tapioca with strawberries and a citrus infusion.  Quite divine!

The next morning at breakfast we ate at the Terrace Cafe and I enjoyed french toast made of baguette and dipped in banana soy milk.  Drizzled with real maple syrup and strawberries I can't think of a bad word about this.  The next day I ate lighter but no less fabulously: Special K vanilla with almonds, almond milk and fresh fruit :)

We ate twice at the buffet and the highlight for me was the pasta station.  I watched while a chef freshly prepared spinach and artichoke raviolis in a dairy free Alfredo sauce.  I chose to add in spinach and garlic. It was great!

I had the Vegan Meal Deal at Pizza Place. I started with a fresh crisp salad with a great Italian dressing.  I had a side of garlic knots with a marinara dipping sauce.  I topped that all off with a pineapple and soy cheese pizza that was heaven!!

I ended the week of feasting with a trip to Ronald's Donuts on the way to the airport.  We stopped in at 5:15 am and were warmly greeted by the Asian husband and wife who run the place.  They don't have any signs but the entire top two rows of donuts are vegan.  I got 6 glazed donut holes and a cream filled chocolate covered glazed donut.  They were gone before I made it on the plane and I immediately wished I had gotten a dozen.  Ronald rocks!  

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