Sunday, December 12, 2010

More Fave Things... Books

This is one of my latest finds.  I am a huge fan of Brian Andreas and Story People. I found this book at Goodwill for 1.99 and actually looked around to see if anyone noticed me, like I had done something wrong and a clerk was going to come up and say "Oh no, you can't take that book.  It was put there by mistake.  And you think we would sell it for 1.99 silly girl".  Now I am torn between leaving the book in it's current perfect state or cutting out and framing multiple "stories".

These are a few if my recent favorite fiction novels. Each one reads like poetry and left me thinking about the story long after I had turned the last page.

These are my favorite non-fiction "feed the soul" books.  I never, ever get tired of flipping through them.

Of course there are favorite cat books.  Someone could write a book about a cat sleeping all day (that's what they do anyway, right?) and I would find it a fascinating and endearing read.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


This was last night's dinner.  Falafel with hummus and baby carrots. So good and so filling yet very low calorie even with the oil used for cooking.The recipe had warned to get the oil just the right temperature-too hot and they burn, not hot enough and they fall apart.  I must have had the temp just right because they cooked up wonderfully and were quite easy to make.  Today everyone at work ate Portland House of Pizza.  I was surprisingly fulfilled with my little leftover falafels.

1 16 oz can chickpeas
1 large onion, chopped
2 cloves garlic, chopped
1 tsp coriander
1 tsp cumin
2 tbl flour
canola oil for frying

Drain chickpeas and place in a pan with water and bring to a boil.
Reduce heat and let simmer for 1 hour.
Drain and allow to cool 15 minutes.
Combine chickpeas, garlic, onion, coriander, cumin, salt and pepper (to taste) in a medium bowl.
Add flour.
Mash chickpeas, ensuring to mix ingredients together.  The result should be a thick paste.
Form the mixture into small balls, about the size of a ping pong ball. Slightly flatten.
Fry in 2 inches of oil at 350 degrees until golden brown (5-7 minutes).

These are two new ingredients for me and I must say I am in complete, total love with each of them. I especially love when they combine to make Creamy Cashew Dip which I have been having to be extremely careful while eating it at work that no one catches me licking the plate to get every last drip.  I've tried it with fruit and it fantastic on apples and pears.  It would also be great on a bagel or waffles.  And I think it could even work as a's that good!  I did leave out the applesauce because I didn't have any.

Creamy Cashew Dip
1/2 cup cashew butter
2/3 cup vanilla soy yogurt
2-3 tbsp unsweetened applesauce
2 tsp agave nectar
1/8 tsp sea salt
1/8 tsp cinnamon

In a blender or small food processor combine all ingredients and puree until very smooth.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Lou's Thanksgiving

I'm pretty sure Lou had an even better day than I did. After almost sixteen years I've learned what makes him happy and today was filled with happy things.

It started out with a couple gifts I had to wrap today.  That involved tissue paper which is high on Lou's list of best things ever.

Once I returned home from the best meal...yuuummm...I came loaded with goodies to share with Lou.  He's missing 5 teeth but that didn't slow him down at all tearing through large hunks of turkey.

It was then time for dessert.  Lou loves a nice sweet cream filling.  I happened to have a slice of chocolate cream pie on hand.

After all that food it was time to clean up and take a nap.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Why Vegan??...Why Not!!

I am closing in on one full month of eating a vegan diet. I have a lot of health reasons that caused me to make the change.  I'll spare the details of that but trust me that this was not a decision based on vanity. I hope that nobody adopts a vegan "diet" hoping to lose weight.  I'm sure there are much easier ways. I had come to a point where I just really wanted to feel good and I was so close to eating in this manner anyway that it just seemed natural to go the last part of the way. I've slowly started reframing thoughts such as "I can't eat chicken." to "I chose to not eat chicken and live a healthier life". It's funny how the things that you think will be hard become non-issues. For example, I love chocolate and assumed I wouldn't be eating it anymore.  It's called milk chocolate for a reason, right? Well, I'm glad to report that I have been enjoying chocolate.  It's just that it is high quality chocolate made without fillers of milk or milk fat found in most commercial chocolates.  One of my favorite recipes right now are chocolate chip oatmeal cookies.  They are free of white flour, refined sugar, and dairy but they taste fabulous!  I also just found a great cookbook that has so many creative ways to make ingredients including...drum roll...Caesar dressing.  So, the more time I spend (and it's only been a month) the better and easier it gets.

My two fave vegan books right now:

Product DetailsProduct Details
Ok, so I don't want to sound preachy but here are some (unsolicited) thoughts on what it has meant to give up the following:

Chicken- I had never prepared red meat at home and only seldom ate it out in restaurants.  I occasionally cooked chicken at home but out in restaurants it was usually by fall back food.  At least prepared in home  have some control about where the chicken came from and how it was raised. Eating out in a chain restaurant leaves little opportunity to doubt how bad a short life the chicken led.  It led a very fearful, stressed life and I truly believe that I was consuming that stress and fear which did nothing to help my health.

Eggs- I never eat eggs-scrambled, fried, omelet-yuck.  I also amuse my friend by picking the egg chunks out of Pad Thai.  Since I never have had fresh eggs in the house I have for years used an alternative when I need to use an egg for baking. Long before thoughts of vegan were dancing in my head I have used a heaping tablespoon full of soy flour mixed with a bit of water.  That substitutes for an egg.  I'm also starting to learn of other completely suitable egg substitutes, such as, who knew, pumpkin puree. In large egg factories (Decoster anyone?) the male chicks (who will not be of any egg producing value) are taken at birth and flung into a trash can where they are piled on one another and left to die.

Milk- I've never drank milk by the glass. Even as a child I couldn't stand it. Lately I've read articles from several different sources about how unnatural it is for humans to drink cow's milk.  We are the only species who even drinks milk into adulthood.  We are also, of course, the only species that drinks the milk of another species.  And when we complain of having gastro issues and lactose intolerance we switch to specialty products rather than just admit that drinking cow's milk might not be healthy.  My whole life I've used milk only as a mix in with other products so this was an easy one to cut.  I've been using almond milk in smoothies and it tastes just fine.  I've read that I should be able to substitute almond milk into any baked good that asks for milk but I haven't actually tried this out yet.

Cheese- Ok, this one is tough.  I love a nice cheese pizza or fresh shavings of Parmesan on pasta.  The fact that cheese substitutes are dismal doesn't help much.  So, for now I am simply going without. I thought I would miss out on Little Debbie snack cakes but my worst moment so far was walking in Whole Foods last weekend and smelling the strong, robust scent of a nice cheese. 

Ok, enough of that.  I'm off to enjoy my lunch of leftover Cashew Nut Roast which was sooo yummy last night :)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Favorite Things Part 1

Oprah's ever popular Favorite Things show aired today and although I wouldn't turn any of it down for some reason I was less than impressed.  After all this is her last year and there was supposed to be a ton of wow factor.  Then I realized that Oprah and I likely care little about the same things.  I really wouldn't care about a cashmere sweater or a diamond watch.  It's not my style.  It made me think about some of my favorite things.  I thought it might be fun to share over the next few weeks some favorite books, pictures, movies, etc.  I'll start with favorite beauty products.  My friends will tell you that I was super excited to have Sephora come to the Maine Mall.  I don't wear a bunch of makeup and I can't stand perfume but I am a sucker for a nice lotion or lip gloss.

This gloss has a sweet strawberry taste and while it goes on clear it quickly turns a pretty pink color.  And unlike 95% of glosses, a hint of color stays behind even once the gloss wears away.
Don't even get me started about how much I love all of the WEN hair products.  The cleansing conditioner is a MUST. This texture balm is perfect-not sticky or goopy- and the tube lasts forever.
My current fav lotion.  It isn't greasy, goes on super easy and has a yummy scent.

I fear snakes and losing my teeth so when it comes to toothpaste I don't mess around.  This stuff rules.  And luckily snakes don't much like Maine.
Another yummy product that feels very decadent for little money. 

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Going Vegan

I've been thinking about switching to a completely vegan diet for quite a while now.  It isn't that big a stretch for me.  When I eat out, which is not often at all, I will eat chicken but when I eat at home I almost always cook without meat although I do tend to eat a fair amount of cheese.  My weakness is baked goods and I could live on Little Debbie snack cakes which are so NOT part of the lifestyle and diet that I see myself partaking in on any kind of regular basis. So anyway I figured no time like the present.

I did a lot of cooking today.  I started with some baked pita chips.  I had some pita bread hanging around that wasn't at it's freshest anymore so I decided to turn it into crispy chips baked with olive oil and herbs.  This was the result:

Next I made 100% whole wheat bread completely from scratch.  I was worried about it tasting tough since I had read that it's heard to make really good 100% whole wheat loaves.  I must say mine turned out really yummy.  I substituted honey (not vegan) for maple syrup and the recipe called for a small amount of molasses which seemed silly to buy so I used a touch of brown sugar instead.

Next was a surprisingly quick minestrone soup.  This thing had everything under the sun in it.  Tomatoes, rice, beans, carrots, spinach, corn, green beans, onions, garlic, and fresh basil.  It was only supposed to make four servings but I know I'll be eating it all week!

Friday, October 22, 2010

This Crazy,Silly Group of Friends...and A Few Nick Names

I am preparing to embark on a weekend getaway to Salem, MA for some witch and Halloween fun. 
Haunted Happenings on Twitter

As normally happens with such things,  the emails have been going back and forth between friends in planning the trip.  Some of them are rather business like and address such issues as "What time are we leaving?" "Do we want to eat lunch before we go?" etc.  However, the vast majority are beyond silly. We did spent a fair amount of time bossing around... err... asking one friend who isn't currently working to make phone calls and do the crappy legwork. Here are a few crazed, desperate clips from her emails

"Oh one more thing...", "Sorry meant to include that", "Thanks! I feel like I earned my keep!"

We all have a Hen nick name.  The origins behind that are a long and probably not very amusing to anyone else.  It involves a camping trip and a loud game of Yahtzee. It evolved to labels of each of us being the smart, quiet, funny and cute hens. Anyway I digress...Since we are clearly caught up in labels we naturally decided that for the trip we needed witch names.  Rowan, Elly, Alexandra and Hermione were born.

You would think that having witch names would be enough but it made us begin discussing our previously appointed Golden Girls Names.  I am Rose and as I put it that means I end up left all alone in the end with all of the cheesecake and a fork sitting out on the lanai. One friend couldn't remember her name and was quickly reminded of who she is:

Ginger: What the hell is my Golden Girls name?
Trixie: Blanche the slut
Ginger: Ahhhh...that's right

The discussion then turned to whether or not we had alcohol names.  We had this back and forth discussion as if having a nick name related to an alcohol product would be the most natural thing in the world. This all started because my mother who is an "Honorary Hen" is named Margarita therefore combining the Hen and Alcohol name into one

Trixie: I'll be Jager
Tatiana: Tequila!
Ginger: You guys are so boring!
Tatiana: Ok, Patron Tequila Shots
Trixie: Right, and I'm Jagermeister Liquor preferably from a tap ice cold
Ginger: Try fitting that on a business card

So, as you can imagine this trip could Salem could be adventurous.  It's a given that someone will be told "30 seconds ago!", that Jezibel will be teased about cigarettes and/or guns, that Ginger will lead us through the streets of Salem with everyone jogging behind to keep up, that Trixie will complain about a restaurant, and that Tatiana will need some wine.

If I make it back in one piece I will share pictures!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Vacation Day 3

I've been gazing longingly at cruise ships coming in and out of port all weekend.  That's the thing about "staycation".  It doesn't involve going on a cruise on the Carnival Glory.

Hmmm...but maybe it could involve a cruise. I decided to check out the inexpensive, worthwhile Casco Bay Cruises that I've been talking to some people about lately. This morning was bright and sunny and I thought...why not. The cruise was called mailboat run which didn't make much sense today since there is no mail delivery but the cruise still works the same way otherwise. It goes around to pretty much all the Casco Bay islands and makes short stops at each of them. The whole cruise lasted 3 hours which was a perfect amount of time.

The sun on the water at 10am was very picturesque

I LOVE the idea of a water taxi!

We had a 20 minute stop at one of the islands while they used the red crane to move some big flat thing from the boat to the shore.  It gave me a chance to get out a walk around for a few.

Back in the city.  Now if my head would stop rocking as if it was still out on the waves it would be good!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Vacation-Day 1

More painting pictures but this is definitely it for quite some time.  When I moved into my place six months ago I worked like crazy to paint the living room, bathroom and kitchen.  The living room had even just been freshly painting but it was that hideous kind of yellowish trying to be cream but not really making it color.  So, after all that painting I pretty much ran out of steam.  The upstairs needed paint more than all the others put together but it would have to wait for a time when I had more energy and this weekend. 

Now this transformation isn't so much about creating a "wow" factor of bright, brilliant colors but more about fixing so many wrongs.  The upstairs has angled walls (some only 6 feet tall), many nooks and crannies, and creates shadows and dark spaces.  The ceiling, which angles down to within a few feet of the floor was painted an even worse version of the yellowish trying to be beige that had lived downstairs.  But...on top of the heinous color were various black marks, streaks and worse of all many hand prints.  I don't really like to think about how the hand prints got there.  Many kids jumping on the bed?  A couple trying to be adventurous?? 

So, yes the room was in desperate need of a change.  After living with it for six months I had learned that I needed light airy colors to make sure the dark shadows didn't become cavernous.  While I would have like to go a bit darker I decided to stick with lighter.  But light colors, in my mind, are trickier than dark.  A light blue looks like a baby's room, a light green looks like mint ice cream and a light red is well, pink.  So, I set off to find something that would work.  These are the colors that I ended up with.

Just a word about the paint..  I painted the entire downstairs in Harmony paint by Sherwin-Williams.  It is a zero VOC paint.  Say what you will but I didn't relish the idea of living and sleeping in a room full of chemicals so I chose it again for the upstairs.  The Harmony paint goes on as well as any other paint I've used and with a 30% coupon found on the website it rang up at $27 a gallon---try to beat that price with a conventional quality paint.  Sherwin-Williams Harmony Paint

Here is the end result.  The pictures don't do it justice.  It feels so clean and fresh.  It feels finished and like home. Yippee!!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

More 5K stuff

Photos as mentioned in previous post from of the Safe Passage Esperanza 5K Race last Saturday.

Gathering in front of the school

Headed to the start line-I look very nonchalant

And I'm off

In a sprint for the finish

I did it!

Monday, September 27, 2010

My First 5K

I did it!  My first 5K is down.  I finished, I wasn't last, I ran the whole way and I conquered an unexpected hill. I will not say that I felt my best while I was actually running -in fact I immediately came down with a bad cold.  I never really felt my breathe even out to a nice place.  I didn't feel my feet lifting or moving with much buoyancy. Although the sun wasn't out I felt mucho humidity in the air.  But I am extremely pleased with my finish time of 35.54.  During my test run on Tuesday I finished with 38.11 and felt pretty excited about how far I have come.  I fact the weekend after I registered for this race I ran 2 miles in 30 minutes.  So, to push for two weeks and improve to 3.1 miles in 35.54 feels good.

I will admit that it felt a bit intimidating while I was running.  I knew I was running a good race for me and what I run but there were so many serious runners that I felt left way in the dust.  I overheard a group of guys before the race, all sweaty, talking about how they had just "run up from Cape Elizabeth".  As my mom said, this little 5K was probably their cool down. 

There was a guy there taking pictures during the race.  I learned that he and another guy spend each weekend going around to races just to take pictures which they then post for all to enjoy.  It seems my guy is a bit slow and hasn't uploaded anything yet but if he ever does I'll post an update.

So, It's one race down.  I told myself I would take a few days off even before I got sick but I'll be back at it soon and I think that I'll wrap up the season with a run around the West End that supports Reiche School.  It seems a little more laid back-people run in Halloween costumes-how serious can it be :)  But no matter if I never run another race or end up running a hundred never forget your first!

Safe Passage Esperanza 5K

Cumberland, ME, September 25, 2010

[Awards ]

Overall Results

Place Div/Tot Name No. Ag S City St Time Pace

===== ======== =================== ===== == = ================== == ======= =====

1 1/5 Ben Woodbury 109 17 M Yarmouth ME 19:12 6:11

2 1/10 Scott Potter 132 31 M Yarmouth ME 19:27 6:16

3 1/10 Greg Knapton 128 40 M Westbrook ME 19:47 6:22

4 1/6 Steve Moriarty 64 60 M Cumberland ME 20:22 6:34

5 1/14 Danielle Skillin 88 32 F North Yarmouth ME 20:27 6:35

6 2/5 Nester Garcia 110 16 M Yarmouth ME 20:44 6:41

7 2/10 Tim Smith 89 43 M Portland ME 20:48 6:42

8 3/10 Patrick Brume 19 41 M Cumberland ME 21:35 6:57

9 1/7 Jake Erwin 108 14 M Yarmouth ME 21:35 6:57

10 2/10 Mike Madore 59 36 M Cumberland ME 21:48 7:01

11 4/10 Kent Murdick 66 45 M Falmouth ME 22:06 7:07

12 2/14 Tammie Turner 93 37 F Cumberland ME 22:18 7:11

13 3/5 Sam Kapner 106 17 M Yarmouth ME 22:24 7:13

14 1/16 Karen Knapton 127 42 F Westbrook ME 22:35 7:16

15 3/10 Joe McLaughlin 61 31 M North Jay ME 22:35 7:17

16 4/10 Wade Millett 62 32 M Portland ME 22:38 7:17

17 1/16 Sarah Becker 101 15 F Yarmouth ME 22:43 7:19

18 1/4 Nate Vail 156 27 M Cape Elizabeth ME 22:45 7:20

19 1/12 Hope Saulter 385 16 F Yarmouth ME 22:46 7:20

20 2/12 Anne Ryan 387 18 F Yarmouth ME 22:47 7:20

21 2/16 Josselyn Richards-D 388 15 F Yarmouth ME 22:51 7:22

22 1/7 Jamie Gallagher 37 25 F Portland ME 22:53 7:22

23 3/16 Sofia Canning 150 14 F Portland ME 23:00 7:24

24 2/16 Celeste Emery 137 45 F North Yarmouth ME 23:08 7:27

25 3/12 Chloe Sarapas 103 17 F Yarmouth ME 23:14 7:29

26 2/6 Michael Sieron 86 62 M Buckfield ME 23:22 7:31

27 Ford Reiche 125 M Cumberland ME 23:30 7:34

28 1/16 Peter Gordon 126 54 M Cumberland ME 23:30 7:34

29 3/14 Rebekah Sirois 87 32 F Portland ME 23:42 7:38

30 2/16 Don Stowell 92 55 M Cumberland ME 23:58 7:43

31 3/6 Wolfgang Wendler 98 62 M Yarmouth ME 24:22 7:51

32 3/16 Kent Allen 3 56 M Yarmouth ME 24:23 7:51

33 3/16 Karyn Kurland 52 48 F Cumberland ME 24:34 7:55

34 4/16 Lars Loren 57 55 M Cumberland ME 24:46 7:59

35 2/7 Rachel Gulezian 41 28 F Cumberland ME 25:10 8:06

36 4/16 Theresa Casavant 24 47 F Falmouth ME 25:28 8:12

37 5/10 Jerry Steward 91 38 M Bethlehem PA 25:37 8:15

38 5/16 Dina Potter 118 47 F Yarmouth ME 25:39 8:16

39 2/7 Sam Potter 117 11 M Yarmouth ME 25:39 8:16

40 6/16 Judy Donnelly 144 47 F Cumberland ME 25:45 8:18

41 7/16 Anne Mclain 60 40 F North Yarmouth ME 25:52 8:20

42 2/4 Brian Sweeney 131 24 M Portland ME 25:54 8:21

43 5/16 Peter Barkett 148 50 M Yarmouth ME 26:18 8:28

44 1/17 Poppy Arford 6 50 F Brunswick ME 26:19 8:29

45 2/17 Judy Loren 56 53 F Cumberland ME 26:21 8:29

46 6/16 Jay Blaufuss 15 56 M Fairport NY 26:27 8:31

47 7/16 Jim Favreau 120 52 M Cumberland ME 26:28 8:31

48 8/16 Gary Bangor 9 56 M Falmouth ME 26:35 8:34

49 4/14 Karen Rawnsley 79 36 F Cumberland ME 26:59 8:41

50 9/16 Kerry Oberg 70 54 M Cumberland Foresid ME 27:00 8:42

51 8/16 Gwenne Oberg 69 46 F Cumberland Foresid ME 27:00 8:42

52 5/10 Robert Cotier 27 49 M Boothbay ME 27:02 8:42

53 9/16 Jane Rawnsleu 124 46 F Cumberland ME 27:09 8:45

54 6/10 Robert Reed 81 34 M South Portland ME 27:13 8:46

55 4/12 Sara Warnock 96 17 F Cumberland ME 27:14 8:46

56 3/17 Becky Warnock 95 50 F Cumberland ME 27:15 8:47

57 6/10 Mark Gauger 138 47 M North Yarmouth ME 27:22 8:49

58 10/16 Paul Bouchard 157 57 M Scarborough ME 27:22 8:49

59 11/16 Stuart Hill 160 50 M Cumberland ME 27:28 8:51

60 5/12 Emily Hill 46 17 F Cumberland ME 27:28 8:51

61 4/17 Gail Saldanha 147 54 F Cumberland ME 27:31 8:52

62 7/10 Brad Coull 141 33 M Cumberland ME 27:32 8:52

63 Bob Maierhofer 149 M Yarmouth ME 27:37 8:54

64 8/10 Cameron Linen 55 32 M Falmouth ME 27:37 8:54

65 4/6 John Saucier 85 62 M Yarmouth ME 27:41 8:55

66 1/2 Dennis Morrill 65 71 M Portland ME 27:43 8:56

67 10/16 June Tait 139 46 F Falmouth ME 27:44 8:56

68 Erika Coull 142 F Cumberland ME 27:46 8:57

69 3/4 Parker Marvin 394 21 M Cape Elizabeth ME 27:53 8:59

70 4/4 Chris Marvin 154 28 M Bay Shore NY 27:54 8:59

71 1/3 Polly Kenniston 49 73 F Westbrook ME 27:55* 9:00

72 3/7 Connor Whittum 113 13 M Cumberland ME 27:56 9:00

73 12/16 Arthur Bell 12 58 M Yarmouth ME 27:58 9:00

74 9/10 Daryl Rawnsley 80 38 M Cumberland ME 28:05 9:03

75 5/17 Lisa Belanger 11 55 F Cumberland ME 28:12 9:05

76 5/14 Mira Burghardt 21 33 F Yarmouth ME 28:14 9:06

77 5/6 Mike Brooks 122 64 M Danville ME 28:20 9:08

78 3/7 Staci Beal 10 27 F Gray ME 28:27 9:10

79 4/7 Harriet Andersen 4 21 F Falmouth ME 28:29 9:10

80 11/16 Gena Canning 151 49 F Yarmouth ME 28:32 9:11

81 6/6 Jim Prosser 119 65 M Portland ME 28:57 9:19

82 6/12 Emily Hollyday 382 17 F Cape Elizabeth ME 29:14 9:25

83 6/17 Betsey Andersen 5 54 F Falmouth ME 29:25 9:28

84 12/16 Cynthia Sargent 145 46 F South Portland ME 29:30 9:30

85 Ron Beyna 13 69 Cumberland ME 29:39 9:33

86 6/14 Katie Allen 2 33 F Portland ME 29:53 9:37

87 13/16 Jeffrey Herbster 45 57 M Brunswick ME 29:58 9:39

88 7/14 Kate Walsh 94 39 F Yarmouth ME 29:59 9:39

89 7/10 Kevin Forster 34 48 M Freeport ME 30:00 9:40

90 8/10 Doug Pride 76 47 M Falmouth ME 30:08 9:42

91 13/16 Nicole Dennen 32 41 F Cumberland ME 30:13 9:44

92 14/16 Bobbie Young 116 45 F Athens ME 30:20 9:46

93 4/16 Emma Pidden 111 15 F Yarmouth ME 31:08 10:02

94 5/16 Ellie Olshan 104 15 F Yarmouth ME 31:08 10:02

95 6/16 Brittany Elvidge 386 15 F Yarmouth ME 31:08 10:02

96 7/16 Caroline MacLeod 112 15 F Yarmouth ME 31:09 10:02

97 8/16 Ihila Lesnikova 54 14 F Yarmouth ME 31:09 10:02

98 9/16 Madison Hynes 102 14 F Yarmouth ME 31:09 10:02

99 8/14 Melissa Boyd 17 38 F Yarmouth ME 31:16 10:04

100 9/14 Melissa McNaboe 121 38 F Yarmouth ME 31:23 10:06

101 2/2 Elwin Guthrie 44 74 M Walpole ME 31:28 10:08

102 4/5 Matti Oberg 67 18 M Cumberland Foresid ME 31:40 10:12

103 9/10 David Sargent 84 49 M South Portland ME 31:49 10:15

104 15/16 Meg Coon 135 45 F Cumberland ME 32:26 10:27

105 10/14 Adrienne Wilson 99 30 F South Portland ME 32:49 10:34

106 1/2 Martha Baldwin 8 60 F Portland ME 32:51 10:35

107 10/16 Nina Oberg 68 15 F Cumberland Foresid ME 33:05 10:39

108 11/14 Andrea Connor 129 34 F Yarmouth ME 35:18 11:22

109 Patrick Connor 130 M Yarmouth ME 35:18 11:22

110 10/10 Bill Dehais 31 49 M Cumberland ME 35:28 11:25

111 12/14 Jennifer Cantrell 23 38 F Portland ME 35:54 11:34

112 7/17 Mary Cummings 30 59 F Cumberland ME 36:18 11:41

113 2/2 Therese Flaherty 143 61 F Yarmouth ME 37:17 12:00

114 8/17 Brenda Soule 90 57 F Yarmouth ME 37:19 12:01

115 9/17 Cay Kendrick 48 54 F Yarmouth ME 38:03 12:15

116 16/16 Karen Bolmer 16 49 F Yarmouth ME 38:09 12:17

117 5/7 Alexandra Cowen 28 24 F Portland ME 38:09 12:17

118 2/3 Pat Buckley 20 72 F Portland ME 41:46 13:27

119 13/14 Kimberly Worster 100 35 F Yarmouth ME 43:03 13:52

120 14/14 Malaika Picard 72 39 F Saco ME 43:06 13:53

121 10/17 Judy Gilbert 40 58 F Brunswick ME 43:14 13:55

122 6/7 Liz Kistler 134 24 F Yarmouth ME 43:28 14:00

123 10/10 Bruce Kutler 133 39 M Yarmouth ME 43:29 14:00

124 4/7 Andrew Hollyday 383 14 M Cape Elizabeth ME 46:18 14:55

125 7/12 Ali Johnson 384 16 F Cape Elizabeth ME 46:22 14:56

126 5/5 Benjamin Berman 377 17 M Cape Elizabeth ME 46:25 14:57

127 11/16 Allison Briggs 374 15 F Cape Elizabeth ME 46:26 14:57

128 5/7 Jackson Berman 376 15 M Cape Elizabeth ME 46:35 15:00

129 12/16 Caroline Gleason 379 15 F Cape Elizabeth ME 46:39 15:01

130 6/7 Daniel Epstein 372 15 M Cape Elizabeth ME 46:39 15:01

131 8/12 Kelsey McIntyre 373 16 F Cape Elizabeth ME 46:42 15:02

132 14/16 Bob Marvin 393 55 M Cape Elizabeth ME 46:44 15:03

133 13/16 Meghan Clifford 381 15 F Cape Elizabeth ME 46:47 15:04

134 15/16 Kevin Ronan 83 54 M Yarmouth ME 46:50 15:05

135 14/16 Tara Humphries 105 15 F North Yarmouth ME 46:51 15:05

136 7/7 Colby Marvin 389 15 M Cape Elizabeth ME 46:52 15:05

137 11/17 Laura Trippe 380 51 F Yarmouth ME 47:02 15:09

138 16/16 Bob Stuart 114 55 M Cumberland ME 47:34 15:19

139 15/16 Madeline Aroldo 378 15 F Cape Elizabeth ME 48:24 15:35

140 16/16 Lilly McMullin 375 15 F South Portland ME 48:24 15:35

141 3/3 Catherine Pride 74 70 F Cumberland ME 49:01 15:47

142 9/12 Anastasiya Achimiko 390 16 F Cape Elizabeth ME 49:41 16:00

143 7/7 Christy Reed 82 28 F South Portland ME 52:51 17:01

144 10/12 Abigale Patch 71 17 F Cumberland ME 55:23 17:50

145 11/12 Stella Keck 47 18 F Cumberland ME 55:24 17:50

146 12/17 Marian Baker 158 55 F Yarmouth ME 55:35 17:54

147 13/17 Lucy Breslin 159 59 F South Portland ME 55:35 17:54

148 14/17 Mary Lou Johnson 152 53 F Cape Elizabeth ME 55:56 18:01

149 15/17 Jean Ginn Marvin 391 51 F Cape Elizabeth ME 55:57 18:01

150 16/17 Peggy Bickford 155 56 F Cape Elizabeth ME 55:57 18:01

151 17/17 Susan Potter 73 55 F Chesterville ME 59:19 19:06

152 12/12 Dayla Babula 7 17 F Chesterville ME 59:19 19:06

* Under USATF Age-Group guideline


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Autumn is Here!

Tomorrow may mark the official start of fall but it came a day early to my house. 

This the mum that I received from work.  They do a small employee appreciation gift a few times a year.  I came out of a meeting today and was greeted with mums galore.  I picked this because I love the color.  Then I got closer and picked it up and realized it was also at least double the size of most of the others!  Next employee gift will be when the pie truck comes in a couple of months...chocolate cream...yum!

After I had my mum I headed to the farmer's market that sets up at Martin's Point each Tuesday during the season.  I bought these two pumpkins.  I'm a little worried that they are too heavy for the old mantel and I may end up moving them but they do look great!  I've always liked the white pumpkins.  They are so unique and add a touch of something special.

It just doesn't get much better than mini pumpkins and pumpkin tea lights. Well, unless it's pumpkin bread, cookies or cheesecake!

These are gourds I got at the farmer's market.  Later this week I'll head down to the basement and get out my fall/Halloween things and arrange the gourds in a bowl.

Before I end I have to give a much delayed shout out to my friend Kate.  The look, feel and design of this blog is shamelessly copied from her own blog.  Before I started reading her blog I thought blogs were long, wordy, sentimental, emotional crap.  But she lets her pictures speak for her and makes something easy and fun to look forward to. 

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Bathroom Project

Even though I rent and have no monetary incentive to spruce thing up around my home it means a lot to me that the space I live in is a sanctuary of sorts and besides I like to do projects.  The day after I moved in I painted my bathroom a light blue color and added a new shower curtain and accessories.  But a major eyesore remained-the vanity.  It is so old that the ugly brown has faded and looks like someone took heavy grit sandpaper to it.  The hardware is cheap, gaudy and dirty.  Something had to be done.  I had saved an almost full can of paint from when I painted my office space so I already had some paint and with a few bucks spent on hardware I knew I could make a real change.

I got suited up in my painting gear.  I've had these overalls for about 12 years and they've seen a lot of paint.  I kinda like painting although it can take me a while to work up to it but I'm pretty good once I get started.  I've even been paid to paint so at least it's been profitable.

Here is the before picture.  I''ve already removed the hardware so it's actually looking better already.

Here is my work in progress.  The paint color I'm using is called Crocus Petal which is a pale lavender.  It's funny that it went on the cabinets a different color than it looks on the walls I painted with it.  Yes, I was a bit concerned about paining a bathroom vanity lavender.  Especially when the walls are already light blue.  I knew I was walking a fine line.  But it actually went on really pale and it almost looks white if you look quickly.  Then even once you realize it isn't white I think you might spend a moment trying to figure it out.  So, I kinda like that.  Since I knew the walls and vanity were going to be light I made sure to go with hardware that is darker.  That way it provides some balance and grounding.

I'm pretty pleased with the final result.  It took a second trip to Home Depot at 8pm to get longer screws for one of the pulls but overall it was a piece of cake.  I still have a ton of the paint left too so I'll keep it around since I do love purple!