Thursday, August 29, 2013

It Happened Again This Summer

Last summer time got away from me and I realized I hadn't blogged in an awful long time but I didn't make any excuses because I was having so much fun!  This summer I've had some valid excuses. In addition to the normal summer fun I've started a new, busy job and I've been dealing with a cough from hell for more than four weeks.  But as labor day nears I am back.

It's really important that my work environment be nice.  I once worked in a super old dilapidated building. It didn't have central air and all of the fixtures were straight out of 1970.  I like modern when I work.  I am so excited that my work space is in a nicely updated building with ample central air and plenty of parking space.  This is what gets me excited about work, go figure.  So, you can imagine my delight when I saw my office space for the first time.  It is a cubicle which I expected but it is super huge!  I was pleased to see two monitors since I've been using them for years and can't imagine having only one.  But these two are huge and on super cool swinging arms.  But the absolute best own printer!  I think I'm easy to please!

I've also been totally loving the Freeport Summer Concert Series.  I loved Matt Nathanson on July 4th so much that I bought a ticket for his show at the State Theatre in November.  A couple weeks ago I saw Tristan Prettyman and this coming Saturday I am seeing Joshua Radin.  The following video is Matt talking about an older song of Matt's but one of my current favorites.

I also got a new laptop so I really no longer have any excuses not to be up to date on this blog!! Plus fall is almost here...

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Relentless Belanger-Night Three

Relentless Belanger is a four night event with shows all over town raising money for Mark Belanger, a local musician, fighting cancer.  Night three was at Asylum.  Here he is with Mark Curdo and Brant Dadaleares.

The first band I made it to see was Whitcomb. They get their name and the inspiration of their lyrics from a poet in the 19th century.  But very loud rock!  I have bailed on their past two shows and it was definitely past due for their special kind of rock.  If you wonder what it sounds like when I go to a loud, local music show this clip gives you a pretty good idea.

A lyric sheet from "Tempest" was thrown into the crowd and I grabbed it.  I admit I've never paid much attention the the lyrics but they are quite artistic and I am more and more getting the whole poet Whitcomb thing.

Next it was time to be transported back to the 90's with the music from Tripe.  Leader singer Brant did back to back sets.  I admit I had forgotten some of the music but the moment it started playing everything fell right back into place.  I also must add that out of the woodwork appeared one of my 1994 boyfriends standing next to me.  So, it felt like being right back in the day good and bad : )

The set ended with bringing Pete from Twisted Roots onto the stage.  A bit of a teaser for night two.