Tuesday, September 24, 2013

What a Show

I know, I know...here it comes.  Another rock show that was the best ever.  Blah, blah, blah, it's been said before. But Saturday night really did exceed all expectations.

I thought the opening band was going to be some local band.  Turns out I've listened to Charm City Devils on Octane so I figure at least I'll have heard a song and the set will be over quick.  They were so good.  The lead singer was hot, entertaining, and sung the heck out of every song.  I was very impressed.  I almost bought a really cool t-shirt after the show except it had a snake on the front and...well...enough said.  This video is of the 100 year old song "Man of Constant Sorrow"

Next up was the band that was the whole reason for going...Candlebox.   Before the show I fulfilled a twenty year dream to meet the band.  When I told Kevin Martin that I had waited that long to meet him he gave me this sweet look and then the biggest hug ever...sigh.  I waited for their set.  They opened with my favorite song Cover Me and never stopped until the last song.  I screamed.  I jumped up and down.  I totally freaked out the 17 year olds next to me who were only there for Hinder.  Candlebox never gets old.  They will never be boring.

I saw Hinder a few months ago and was underwhelmed by their performance.  Let's just say that the lead singer was a bit full of himself and that arrogance made for a lukewarm performance.  Well, he's tucked away in rehab right now so Jarred Weeks from Saving Abel was filling in.  I met Jarred and saw Saving Abel about a year ago.  He was the total opposite of arrogant.  He was laid back, real, and easy to be around.  I was super excited to hear Hinder's music with him as the front man.  There were a couple of Saving Abel songs thrown in as the cherry on top.  He did an amazing acoustic version of "Better Than Me".  Unfortunately my memory card filled up in a awkward part of the song but here goes:

One last note- I can't resist throwing in my deal of the day from CVS.  I walked away with 3 air fresheners and two bags of candy for .12 cents.  

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Random Musings

Here I go...

My deal of the day today was at Target.  How many times have I mentioned how much I love Target because of the great deals they have? Here is how I was able to get 4 Glad Fall Scents glass jar candles for 42 cents each! And can I just say that the salted caramel scent is to die for!

They were on sale for 2.99 each = $11.96
Minus 2 $2.00 off 2 manufacturer coupons= -$4.00
Minus 3 1.00 off Target coupons= -3.00
Minus one free item when you buy three= -2.99
Minus Target Cartwheel 5% off Glade Fall Seasonals= -.30

That makes a total of 1.67 for all four candles or .42 cents each!!

I went out for a crazy girl's night a week or so ago.  Crazy for me because it involved 6 drinks and a night that ended at 1:30 am.  Wahoo!!  I thought it was hilarious to compare these photos of me at 7pm and then again at 1 am.  What a difference a few hours and a few drinks makes!

Here's 7pm:

And here is 1am.. I don't even remember this photo being taken but I suppose that was part of the point!

I am always worrying about my little boy Lou.  I'm going away this weekend and he has someone staying with him all weekend as a live in.  It's such a change from years ago when he could manage on a bowl of dry food and just needed someone to pop in to check the water and litter box.  Anyway, there are moments where he seems so delicate and I wonder how much more fragile he can get.  Here he was looking like tiny, tiny kitten :(

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

End Of Summer Saturday

When I was a teenager I spent most weekends wandering around Old Orchard Beach.  Me and my friend Laurie aimlessly strolled into every single store looking at cheaply made beach cover ups. We tracked and stalked every cute guy and there were a lot of cute guys. We listened to car after car go by with "Here I Go Again" blasting out the windows.  Sometimes we even made it to the sand and took in a bit of sun.  They were good times.  

Somewhere along the way I stopped going to OOB.  Yes, it is horribly tacky and the tourists are insane.  I moved around and found other beaches I liked.  I honestly haven't spent more than a minute in OOB in years.  Until last weekend.

I have a friend that goes every Saturday.  This was to be her last trip of the season and I decided to join her.  I was going to have to leave early so she gave me detailed instructions on where to park and find her so that I could meet her there.

I found myself pleasantly surprised.  It is a completely different vibe than Crescent Beach State Park.  Crescent is normally beautiful and rather serene even when it is crowded.  OOB had a buzz almost an electric energy in the air.  The day started out hazy but warm.  Suddenly the beach filled up, the sun came out and the music started.  We were set up right in front of the deck of a local restaurant that has bands every weekend.  I could totally see going back to spend a longer day and getting drinks on the patio, wandering back to the beach, walking along the beach, getting lunch of french fries.  

I will definitely be back next year.  

I was there at 9am and all was calm and quiet.  It gave me an unobstructed view of the young, cute lifeguard.

Later when the sun came out the beach filled up and the band started to play...

I had to leave early to make my way to Freeport for Joshua Radin.  A threat of a thunderstorm cut the show short so it was a bit of a tease.  Luckily I already have my ticket to see him in November.