Thursday, January 23, 2014

Some Of the Best Things In Life Are Cheap Or Free

Here's my steal of the week.  I have been saying for months that I need a new set of sheets.  I have two sets.  One is relatively new and really nice but the other set is ancient and not the nicest color. I managed to snag a $69.99 set of sheets for $23.52.    They are Fieldcrest Luxury 500 thread count Egyptian cotton and they are super soft.  I can't wait to wash them and get them on the bed.
Here's the breakdown of my savings:
Sheet Set 69.99
minus -10.00 off a $50 home purchase Target coupon
minus -35.00 Save 50% Target Cartwheel Deal
minus - 1.47 Target Red Card Savings         
Total $23.52 for a Queen Set!

I am also super excited that I have 12 of these coupons on the way to me.  I spent .96 cents for them and they will save me $18.00 on countless items at Shaw's.  I also think it's funny that getting them was sorta of like trying to score Bon Jovi tickets in 1989.  These coupons sold out in less than 5 minutes.  I am not the only freak out there!

Here's an update four weeks into the 52 week money challenge.  I have stashed $109 into the jar which puts me just slightly above the average amount I should be saving to stay on track and not end up with a bunch of high dollar weeks right around the holidays at the end of the year.  I am LOVING this jar idea.  I love seeing the bills piled up!

And on one final note of the best things in life being cheap or free...$20 for a concert ticket and for that I got 5 hours of entertainment, got better acquainted with some friends, heard some of my favorite songs live, and have a fantastic story of chasing down a rock star!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

52 Week Money Challenge

Last year this was making the rounds on Pintrest and I considered doing it. The concept is that you save the amount of money for the corresponding week.  In week one you save $1 and in week 52 you save $52.  At the end of the year you have accumulated $1,378.   However, I had just started a totally new budget for myself and I was already overwhelmed at the thought of managing my money in any way so I didn't need to throw in another complication.  Plus, I absolutely knew that week 32 (or some other double digit week) would come along and I would not have the money, I would get depressed and dig out whatever money had accumulated in the jar and head to the mall.  

This year is a different story.  I have been successfully managing a realistic budget for the past year.  I still struggle to have enough money for all that I want but most weeks I do have enough money for all that I need.   I decided to try it out with one twist.  Each week I choose how much money to put in the jar and cross that off the list.  So, once I deposit $5 it's done.  That way when there's a really horrible week I can deposit only a couple dollars and still be on track.  It reminds me a bit of playing Yahtzee.  It's always tempting to use your chance or ones on a crappy roll but you know that there will be a roll later on where you will wish you has the chance or ones to cross off.  Same concept here.  I will need to really think if it's truly a tough week before I cross of that $1 week.  

Here is my jar.  It isn't pretty and nothing is really sticking on that well but I hope it will serve its purpose.

Happy New Year!