Saturday, November 2, 2013

Purchases I'm Loving

My bathroom needed some sprucing up.  I loved my old shower curtain but it had some stains from where I accidentally sent lotion flying onto it.  It also had a small but lovely mold stain.  I was a bit worried about these birds but it actually works very well in the room.  I added in a fresh bath mat and it distracts a tiny bit from the litter box complete with pee pad and... well that's  enough of that image!

These aren't technically a purchase I'm loving since I got them all for free.  I'm not typically a big wearer of scents.  In fact, my new employer has a very strict fragrance free policy.  However, these were free and I'm kind of enjoying them on my off hours.

I've told myself that if I can no longer wear flip flops and sandals than I am going to begin acquiring fabulous boots.  The only trouble with that is I can get a great pair of sandals for under a dollar and boots are a bit pricier.  Still I've recently obtained these two pairs.

It's candle season and that means yummy scents get to be introduced into my home.  I like this style of Yankee Candle since it has a double wick and a stylish jar.  I tried it for the first time last night and it does make colder nights a bit more bearable.