Sunday, March 24, 2013

Living Room Projects

I am in full on redecorating mode and today I finished up a couple of projects.  My new love seat is being delivered on Wednesday so the room should be mostly complete at that time!

A while ago I searched for fabrics to recover a chair in the living room.  I polled my friends and the following was the landslide winner of favorite fabric choice.  I purchased 1 1/2 yards using a 50% off coupon   It was pricey fabric and I spent more than I normally would but I still am getting a new look for about $30.00.  The chair happens to be Lou's favorite soft sleeping spot so he wasn't too impressed when I started pulling the chair apart.

Now if you know me at all you know that I do not sew at all.  Well, maybe a button once every three years or so but other than that I do not sew!  Thankfully my trusty glue gun was at the scene today.

Here is the finished product.  I am really loving it and think it's the perfect choice for my new look!

My other project has been searching for an inexpensive TV stand. I actually wanted something thats original purpose wasn't a TV stand.  I hoped for something small and a bit unique.  I had been casually searching Craigslist when I found an end table for $10 in Gorham.  I had sort of expected that it would be really beat up and I would end up completely repainting it but when I brought it home I was very pleased with its condition.

Here it is as I bought it.  The finish is dull and it has some scratches:

Here it is after a good cleaning and polish.  I think it looks great!

I wanted to redo the hardware and originally though I wanted to spray paint them a glossy purple to add to the purple touches I am introducing to the living room.  I was not impressed with the result.  It looked out of place and like some weird furniture girl was winking at me-doesn't it look like two big eyes popping out?

I settled on some new, classic hardware from Home Depot.  I love the look of the acrylic clear knobs and the bottom pull is simple and just right. It still looks a bit like a furniture girl but this one doesn't give me potential nightmares!

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