Saturday, March 16, 2013

Bedroom Redo

I decided to buy a new comforter set last weekend.  I had a plain beige quilt on my bed and it really was lacking color and pizzazz   I didn't want to have to buy all new accessories so I looked for something that fit in  with my existing color scheme.  I also really wanted a bed skirt.  Even though I've always thought that they attracted dust and cat hair I hated that as I walked up the stairs the first thing my eyes landed on were the wheels of my bed frame and the plastic bins stored under the bed.  I was thrilled to find an eight piece comforter set at Target that added a perfect touch of color while still staying true to the existing "feel" of the room. And for eight pieces while not cheap it was definitely a good deal.

The set included a comforter, two euro shams, two regular shams, two throw pillows and a bed skirt.  I was able to still use some pieces that I already had and they worked perfectly.  The striped pillow on my bed was one I already had.  I love how the skirt and the flip side of the mattress are rich brown which feels very grounding against the light colors and helps add that pop of color that was much needed.

I already had this pretty pillow.  It had been on my bed but now finds a new home in this chair.

I used the euro shams to cover my bureau and nightstand.  They have that rich brown color which adds a nice texture to the furniture.

And best of all the comforter is so soft I just love the feel of it every time I get into bed.  I still have the same sheets but really my two sheets sets are in very good shape and do coordinate so they will stick around for some time.

By the way, I've been using the iPhone app Pic Collage and have been loving creating picture collages.  It's good for those moments you want to highlight a few photos but fear boring the world with multiple pics of basically the same thing.  Here's a Pic Collage of my new bed:

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