Thursday, March 7, 2013

Things I'm Loving Right Now

I've had a bunch of moments where I'm loving something but they individually don't make for a hearty blog post so I'm throwing them all in here together!

I know it's not healthy but I love, love doughnuts.  I discovered a gem of a place in Las Vegas that makes vegan doughnuts but obviously that's a once every couple of years indulgence   I was very pleased to discover The Holy Donut on Park Avenue in Portland.  Every day they serve cinnamon sugar vegan donuts and if you plan ahead they will make them for you in any glaze  you choose  This is what made me happy one recent weekend morning:

To balance out all of that sugar I am happy to report that I am back on the juicing/smoothie wagon.  What a great feeling to get all that green spinach  yummy fruit and nutritious almond milk inside me before it's even 8am   I throw about 1/2 cup of almond milk in with some frozen banana, frozen mango and unfrozen pineapple.  Top it off with a big pile of greens.  It tastes sweet and like a summer day!

I have recently become a bit of a closet coupon-er   Mostly because I'm new to it and I don't really know what the heck I'm doing.  But I am beginning to have a few "wow" trips where I've saved a boatload.  Today I went to Walgreen's and got four nail polishes and two Almay makeup removers for $3.48.  Score :) Oh, and I have to add that I don't buy stuff just because it's cheap or because I have a coupon.  I LOVE these polishes and have been wanting to get more and I've used this makeup remover many times with much success.

It's also been a great week for freebies at work.  I got four coupons to use toward any regular season Portland Pirate's game.  My friends and I have already made plans to attend the April 7th game.  I haven't been to a hockey game in a couple of seasons so it's fantastic!  I also got coupons for Elevation Burger.  I've been dying to try their vegan burger and their french fries made without any beef fat (are you listening McDonald's???).  A temp who worked in our office for a few weeks gave them to me because her son in-law is the owner.  I can't wait to try it!

This week I also saved money on gas.  I signed up for Cumberland Farms Smart Pay.  It took a bit of set up work but then I pulled up to the pump, whipped out my phone and a few moments later I had saved 10 cents a gallon.  Cha ching!  I love this since there is a Cumberland Farms right next door to work and I'm there all of the time.

Phew...I think that's it for now but what a ton of small, amazing things to smile about!

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