Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Random Follow Ups

This posting will tie up a few loose ends from a couple of recent entries of mine.  

I can happily say that I am completely done with my bedroom and living room.  Everything ties together so nicely and I'm glad to be done buying stuff for a while!  Here are a couple of snaps of the living room:

This is the new love seat, ottoman and rug:

Here is the TV stand with the new hardware:

Here is the new fabric on this chair:

And here is an overhead view of the room including the mantel:

A while ago I posted about the Tom Keifer concert.  I took a picture with my iPhone and one with my new camera.  The quality was very similar but I mentioned that I wanted to test out the zoom feature which was my main reason for buying the camera.  I got my shot (pun intended!) last night at the Carrie Underwood concert.  We had nice seats but in a venue like the Civic Center we were far from being up close and personal. Yet this camera made it seem like I was right on stage with her.  The zoom was great-not at all grainy and not all all blurry which is usually the case when trying to take a stabilize picture fully zoomed in.  Plus, I was a bit concerned about the battery life.  At the end of the show the battery meter hadn't dropped a bit!  Love it!

These are three of my favorite pictures from the night:

Coming up I think I'm going to be blogging some about some things I've been doing to save money and budget the money I do have.  It may not seem exciting but its allowed me to have a new living room, bedroom and Carrie U tickets so I think that is really exciting!

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