Friday, March 22, 2013

Rug Pricing Madness on Overstock!

I am in the process of re-doing my living room.  I have a new love seat on order and I am hoping to infuse a big color punch into the room.  Let's just hope that "color punch" doesn't equal "hot mess"!

I was looking at throw pillows online last night and that caused me to shift into browsing rugs. Online shopping really can be dangerous territory!  I came across a rug on that I thought was perfect.  It was a fantastic price and had great reviews.  As I am fond of doing, I snapped a photo of the screen with my phone, forgot about it and went to bed.  Here is that screenshot showing a very reasonable price of $209.99 for a 5 ft X 8 ft rug. It's the one on the middle right:

The next morning I went online to look at it again. I wanted to do this mostly to see if it looked any different on a large monitor as opposed to the tiny iPhone screen.  Imagine my delight when I saw "Was 209.99, Starting at $114.99"!  Except once you click on the rug it only gave you the option of $209.99.  I started an online chat with an rep.  I will say that she was very nice and most importantly she was based right here in our own little country.  She spoke with a supervisor and told me that the item numbers had recently been changed and the $114.99 price was for a 2 ft X 3 ft rug.  I expressed that it was not clear on the site but I graciously hung up.  I was gracious until I tried to search for that 2 ft X 3 ft rug that doesn't exist!  And really if it did exist would its starting price have coincidentally been $209.99?  

I picked up the phone and called the customer service line.  A very nice (again) person acknowledged that she saw what I was seeing and asked me to hold while she checked with a supervisor (again...ugh).  But this time she quickly came back and told me that they were honoring the price.  She explained she had a supervisor approval but that she would have given me the credit anyway because she could clearly see it was a pricing error on their part.  She manually took my order (since the price still only really showed as $209.99 when you add it to your cart) and when I told her I had been planning to use a 10% off coupon code she accepted the code and I actually got the 10% off the top price before the discount was taken!  Here is my final order total including two throw pillows:

I was very pleased with the Overstock customer service and their willingness to make things right.  I immediately gave a shout out on Facebook and that means over 200 people heard something good about their company.  However, they really need to take a look at the person doing pricing for the web site and consider finding them a better suited position.  I couldn't help but stalk the site to see if they fixed the priced. Shortly after my call I noticed the price was up to $119.99.  Hmm...closer but still not correct.  I almost died when I just went on and saw the price of $47.99!!  No, I'm not going to call up and demand a price adjustment.  Although, I suppose I would be well within my right.  I gave a friendly shout out to 200 people praising the company but now I'm telling all of cyber world "Go get yourselves a cheap rug!"

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