Saturday, June 9, 2012

Sweet Succulents

I've said it before but I loathe a trip to Trader Joe's.  But I needed to stock up on peanut butter and garlic powder so off I went.  At the door they had an amazing display off a wide variety of potted succulents.  I always love them but have not had very good luck keeping them alive.  I decided it was time to try again.  Here are the new additions:

A while back I posted that a friend gave me a cutting of a succulent.  She calls it a banana plant because that is what the little guys look like.  I'm embarrassed to say that for months it remained in water in the red solo cup it came to me in.  Although I haven't planted it yet I did upgrade it's container today.  It has grown quite a bit since I've had it.  I'm almost afraid to pot it in soil at this point!

On a completely unrelated note-Here is a picture of the sea glass and rocks that I brought back from Cozumel.  Love the colors!

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