Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Freston Frenzy

Last night I went to Whole Foods where Kathy Freston was appearing to promote her new book The Lean.  I will admit that I'm not a super huge fan of hers..  I think that she focuses too much on processed foods such as fake sausage or bacon instead of creating healthy, whole foods, unprocessed meals.  However, it was too great an opportunity to hear her speak when it was right in my own backyard!

I had reserved a spot and paid $25.  In return I got an autographed, hard cover copy of her new book:

I also got this goody bag from Whole Foods.  It had several full size products including a really expensive brand of multi vitamins-score!  The bag also had a bunch of coupons and literature.  And the bag its self is pretty cool as well!

The talk was an interview question and answer style format.  Local wellness devote Meg Wolff asked the questions and it was comical that her very first question was probing into the whole processed foods issue.  Once that was out of the way Kathy spoke for about 45 minutes and she really was interesting to hear and she gave a lot of really good advice and tips about eating healthier in a plant based diet.  Already today I've had a breakfast of steel cut oats and am drinking a ton of water.  Both things I knew would be big health improvements but it took a little talking to for me to make it happen.  These pictures are dark as the sun was blazing bright behind them.

After the talk she did a meet and greet.  Isn't she beautiful?  Clearly she is doing something right! We spent several minutes talking about sugar and tips on how to reduce my intake.  Fabulous!

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