Friday, June 22, 2012

Does This Store Know What Decade It is??

Today at work I started a conversation with a co-worker by saying "Listen, don't take this the wrong way but...Do you know where I can go shopping to buy slutty attire?" You see next Friday launches the start of my summer concert series with the band Cinderella down in Hampton Beach. I couldn't figure out anything that felt right to wear. I wanted something a little edgier than I normally wear! So, one co-worker answered "You can go shopping in my closet!". Love her. Another answer was "Deb". So, this afternoon off I went to Deb down near the mall.

This is the sight that greeted me when I walked through the front door...Subtle it is not!!

I turned my head and saw this:

Holy neon! So, Deb clearly has 80's pop down but what about 80's rock.? You know- The kind of clothes that require a hairstyle with a ton of hairspray, clothes that sparkle and shine, clothes that would make a groupie out of anyone of us??

I found them!

And this just for good measure:

After an hour and a half of shopping (including two trips to the smallest dressing room known to me) I walked away with enough clothes to leave me appropriately attired for all of my summer plans.


  1. That place always had the most horrible prom dresses in their window. I can't believe they are still open.

  2. I know! This place survives when so many other business fail. It's disturbing and maybe more so that I contributed $85 to them!

  3. Jen, you are awesome. I just said to Steve yesterday, "What am I going to wear to the Journey/Loverboy concert?!!?" He asked what I meant and I said felt like I needed something '80's rock'. He then reminded me that the audience is going to be filled with middle-aged people, just like us. I think I need to go to Deb.

  4. Good luck on your quest Heather!