Friday, June 15, 2012

80's Movie and Music

Several times before I have gone to special movie nights at Saco Cinemagic.  Last summer they had a "chick flick" each month and for $5 you could go see an older movie like Flashdance, Carrie, or Sex and the City.  At least those are three that I saw.  Just recently a friend was commenting that they had seemed to stop doing them.  It seemed like a real bummer because those nights are a lot of fun.  At 5PM last night I learned that Back To The Future was going to be playing that night.  The $5 donation was going to American Cancer Society.  I am a HUGE fan of the Back To The Future trilogy.  I've seen each movie about a hundred times.  I never tire of seeing that Delorian speed up to 88 miles per hour.  The icing on the cake was that the band Time Pilots that I saw last weekend was playing immediately after the movie.  It was too late to find a date so I hit the road south for my own fun night.

Here's the sponsoring radio station's van outside of the theater:

Here is the line that greeted me inside.  There was a bit of a delay while the Time Pilots did a sound check in the theater.

The movie was fabulous.  These kinds of showing are always lively and I loved when people cheered when Biff landed in the manure truck or when everyone snickered out loud at the very dated Sony Walkman or can of Diet Pepsi.

The instant the credits started rolling the Time Pilots broke into song with a Huey Lewis and the News song from the movie:

They played a full set of songs including "Jump", "Jesse's Girl", "867-5309/Jenny", My Sharona", Billie Jean" and " Don't You Forget About Me".  

What a great night!

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