Friday, May 6, 2011

5K Spring Season

2011 5K training commenced the first of March and I've been dedicated and strong and steady for the past 9 weeks.  I am finally, once again, at the point in my training where I am not taking any walking breaks.  My last two runs have been 25 and 28 minute ones.  I have been able to finish 2.75 miles which is right on target for where I want to be in that time frame. 

I registered for Hustle for Hoops happening May 22 at Williams-Cone School in Topsham.  I attended elementary school there from grade 4-6.  It seems there is a basketball court (which I don't remember but that's beside the point) that is in need of repair.  A fellow former classmate has organized this 5K to benefit the school and court.  If you are interested in running or donating: Hustle For Hoops.

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