Monday, May 9, 2011

Pink Tulip Project

Last year I noticed all over Portland these little gardens of pink tulips planted as part of the Pink Tulip Project.  I watched them grow as I took walks around Maine Med and the Western Promenade.  I drove by them daily on my drive home past Deering Oaks and Longfellow Square.  But then they suddenly went from not quite blooming to completely spent.  I missed them in full bloom!  This year I tried to make an effort to catch them at their peak and took my own little Pink Tulip Tour. 

My first stop was at Post Office Park which turned out to be my favorite picture.  It has to be the best people watching spot in the city and even though you can't tell in the picture there were tons of people around.  So, these perfect little tulips are a real breathe of fresh air in a sea of concrete.

Next stop, Lincoln Park which is at the corner of Congress and Pearl.  The tulips didn't look very well maintained but the park itself looked wonderful.  I didn't even know it existed!

At Maine Medical Center a lady saw me taking this picture and we chatted about the tulips for a while.  These gardens create goodwill in many ways.

My favorite spot: Western Promanade.  I pass by here on almost every run or walk that I take.  They had two gardens and they were both really nice.

Next up- Deering Oaks Park.  I pass by here on my way home from work each night.  In the winter there are really cool ornaments hanging from the trees.  It's nice that now they have some color in the spring as well.


Last stop on the tour was Longfellow Square.  This is another interesting people watching space.  It's the closest garden to my home and it made for a great last stop on my tour!

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