Friday, May 13, 2011

Weekly Back Cove 5K Series-Week 1

I went for a run around Back Cove Monday night.  I planned to go again on Wednesday.  That night, at home, I was looking online at stuff and read about the Back Cove 5K series.  Coincidentally it was starting this week on Wednesday.  It's free to register and I figured that since I planned to run anyway it might help with my motivation to do this race.  I wasn't really feeling ready for a 5K but why not...  It felt even more like the right decision when I registered and got my race number that I will use through the whole series.  My favorite number is 3.  My race number is 333.  I think it was meant to be.

Here we are at the start.  There were 256 racers who showed up on a random Wednesday it.  I am behind the guy in a green shirt.  I have a white visor and pink tank. It was really, really windy and for the first 1 3/4 miles I ran right into the wind.  You can even see in this picture that the trees are leaning. 

I felt really good the whole race despite the wind, baked bean smell and I295 construction.  On the uphill this lady pulled slightly ahead of me.  She later told me she had been following me for a while and I provided motivation for her.  Once she was in front of me I used her pace to be sure I kept up and she didn't get to far ahead of me.  When we had the finish in sight I started sprinting.  She followed along and we ended up crossing the finish line at the same time.  Great camaraderie...even with dismally slow times!

2011-05-11 Photos Courtesy of Roger Morse on Facebook


  1. Aren't we lucky to have such a great little series?! Great job on the race.

  2. Jen you are so awesome. I was a runner about 10 years ago, and I keep telling myself I need to get back at it. I love to read about your running adventures. Keep up the good work!

  3. Thanks Heather-you are a source of motivation to me!

    Jamie-I hope to see you out there :)