Sunday, October 10, 2010

Vacation-Day 1

More painting pictures but this is definitely it for quite some time.  When I moved into my place six months ago I worked like crazy to paint the living room, bathroom and kitchen.  The living room had even just been freshly painting but it was that hideous kind of yellowish trying to be cream but not really making it color.  So, after all that painting I pretty much ran out of steam.  The upstairs needed paint more than all the others put together but it would have to wait for a time when I had more energy and this weekend. 

Now this transformation isn't so much about creating a "wow" factor of bright, brilliant colors but more about fixing so many wrongs.  The upstairs has angled walls (some only 6 feet tall), many nooks and crannies, and creates shadows and dark spaces.  The ceiling, which angles down to within a few feet of the floor was painted an even worse version of the yellowish trying to be beige that had lived downstairs.  But...on top of the heinous color were various black marks, streaks and worse of all many hand prints.  I don't really like to think about how the hand prints got there.  Many kids jumping on the bed?  A couple trying to be adventurous?? 

So, yes the room was in desperate need of a change.  After living with it for six months I had learned that I needed light airy colors to make sure the dark shadows didn't become cavernous.  While I would have like to go a bit darker I decided to stick with lighter.  But light colors, in my mind, are trickier than dark.  A light blue looks like a baby's room, a light green looks like mint ice cream and a light red is well, pink.  So, I set off to find something that would work.  These are the colors that I ended up with.

Just a word about the paint..  I painted the entire downstairs in Harmony paint by Sherwin-Williams.  It is a zero VOC paint.  Say what you will but I didn't relish the idea of living and sleeping in a room full of chemicals so I chose it again for the upstairs.  The Harmony paint goes on as well as any other paint I've used and with a 30% coupon found on the website it rang up at $27 a gallon---try to beat that price with a conventional quality paint.  Sherwin-Williams Harmony Paint

Here is the end result.  The pictures don't do it justice.  It feels so clean and fresh.  It feels finished and like home. Yippee!!


  1. Jen I LOVE your blog! You picked great colors for the space you painted! It looks amazing! Can't wait to check in with you again soon :)

  2. I love how the color is called Liveable Green. It looks great.