Friday, October 22, 2010

This Crazy,Silly Group of Friends...and A Few Nick Names

I am preparing to embark on a weekend getaway to Salem, MA for some witch and Halloween fun. 
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As normally happens with such things,  the emails have been going back and forth between friends in planning the trip.  Some of them are rather business like and address such issues as "What time are we leaving?" "Do we want to eat lunch before we go?" etc.  However, the vast majority are beyond silly. We did spent a fair amount of time bossing around... err... asking one friend who isn't currently working to make phone calls and do the crappy legwork. Here are a few crazed, desperate clips from her emails

"Oh one more thing...", "Sorry meant to include that", "Thanks! I feel like I earned my keep!"

We all have a Hen nick name.  The origins behind that are a long and probably not very amusing to anyone else.  It involves a camping trip and a loud game of Yahtzee. It evolved to labels of each of us being the smart, quiet, funny and cute hens. Anyway I digress...Since we are clearly caught up in labels we naturally decided that for the trip we needed witch names.  Rowan, Elly, Alexandra and Hermione were born.

You would think that having witch names would be enough but it made us begin discussing our previously appointed Golden Girls Names.  I am Rose and as I put it that means I end up left all alone in the end with all of the cheesecake and a fork sitting out on the lanai. One friend couldn't remember her name and was quickly reminded of who she is:

Ginger: What the hell is my Golden Girls name?
Trixie: Blanche the slut
Ginger: Ahhhh...that's right

The discussion then turned to whether or not we had alcohol names.  We had this back and forth discussion as if having a nick name related to an alcohol product would be the most natural thing in the world. This all started because my mother who is an "Honorary Hen" is named Margarita therefore combining the Hen and Alcohol name into one

Trixie: I'll be Jager
Tatiana: Tequila!
Ginger: You guys are so boring!
Tatiana: Ok, Patron Tequila Shots
Trixie: Right, and I'm Jagermeister Liquor preferably from a tap ice cold
Ginger: Try fitting that on a business card

So, as you can imagine this trip could Salem could be adventurous.  It's a given that someone will be told "30 seconds ago!", that Jezibel will be teased about cigarettes and/or guns, that Ginger will lead us through the streets of Salem with everyone jogging behind to keep up, that Trixie will complain about a restaurant, and that Tatiana will need some wine.

If I make it back in one piece I will share pictures!

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