Monday, October 11, 2010

Vacation Day 3

I've been gazing longingly at cruise ships coming in and out of port all weekend.  That's the thing about "staycation".  It doesn't involve going on a cruise on the Carnival Glory.

Hmmm...but maybe it could involve a cruise. I decided to check out the inexpensive, worthwhile Casco Bay Cruises that I've been talking to some people about lately. This morning was bright and sunny and I thought...why not. The cruise was called mailboat run which didn't make much sense today since there is no mail delivery but the cruise still works the same way otherwise. It goes around to pretty much all the Casco Bay islands and makes short stops at each of them. The whole cruise lasted 3 hours which was a perfect amount of time.

The sun on the water at 10am was very picturesque

I LOVE the idea of a water taxi!

We had a 20 minute stop at one of the islands while they used the red crane to move some big flat thing from the boat to the shore.  It gave me a chance to get out a walk around for a few.

Back in the city.  Now if my head would stop rocking as if it was still out on the waves it would be good!

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