Tuesday, September 24, 2013

What a Show

I know, I know...here it comes.  Another rock show that was the best ever.  Blah, blah, blah, it's been said before. But Saturday night really did exceed all expectations.

I thought the opening band was going to be some local band.  Turns out I've listened to Charm City Devils on Octane so I figure at least I'll have heard a song and the set will be over quick.  They were so good.  The lead singer was hot, entertaining, and sung the heck out of every song.  I was very impressed.  I almost bought a really cool t-shirt after the show except it had a snake on the front and...well...enough said.  This video is of the 100 year old song "Man of Constant Sorrow"

Next up was the band that was the whole reason for going...Candlebox.   Before the show I fulfilled a twenty year dream to meet the band.  When I told Kevin Martin that I had waited that long to meet him he gave me this sweet look and then the biggest hug ever...sigh.  I waited for their set.  They opened with my favorite song Cover Me and never stopped until the last song.  I screamed.  I jumped up and down.  I totally freaked out the 17 year olds next to me who were only there for Hinder.  Candlebox never gets old.  They will never be boring.

I saw Hinder a few months ago and was underwhelmed by their performance.  Let's just say that the lead singer was a bit full of himself and that arrogance made for a lukewarm performance.  Well, he's tucked away in rehab right now so Jarred Weeks from Saving Abel was filling in.  I met Jarred and saw Saving Abel about a year ago.  He was the total opposite of arrogant.  He was laid back, real, and easy to be around.  I was super excited to hear Hinder's music with him as the front man.  There were a couple of Saving Abel songs thrown in as the cherry on top.  He did an amazing acoustic version of "Better Than Me".  Unfortunately my memory card filled up in a awkward part of the song but here goes:

One last note- I can't resist throwing in my deal of the day from CVS.  I walked away with 3 air fresheners and two bags of candy for .12 cents.  

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