Tuesday, September 3, 2013

End Of Summer Saturday

When I was a teenager I spent most weekends wandering around Old Orchard Beach.  Me and my friend Laurie aimlessly strolled into every single store looking at cheaply made beach cover ups. We tracked and stalked every cute guy and there were a lot of cute guys. We listened to car after car go by with "Here I Go Again" blasting out the windows.  Sometimes we even made it to the sand and took in a bit of sun.  They were good times.  

Somewhere along the way I stopped going to OOB.  Yes, it is horribly tacky and the tourists are insane.  I moved around and found other beaches I liked.  I honestly haven't spent more than a minute in OOB in years.  Until last weekend.

I have a friend that goes every Saturday.  This was to be her last trip of the season and I decided to join her.  I was going to have to leave early so she gave me detailed instructions on where to park and find her so that I could meet her there.

I found myself pleasantly surprised.  It is a completely different vibe than Crescent Beach State Park.  Crescent is normally beautiful and rather serene even when it is crowded.  OOB had a buzz almost an electric energy in the air.  The day started out hazy but warm.  Suddenly the beach filled up, the sun came out and the music started.  We were set up right in front of the deck of a local restaurant that has bands every weekend.  I could totally see going back to spend a longer day and getting drinks on the patio, wandering back to the beach, walking along the beach, getting lunch of french fries.  

I will definitely be back next year.  

I was there at 9am and all was calm and quiet.  It gave me an unobstructed view of the young, cute lifeguard.

Later when the sun came out the beach filled up and the band started to play...

I had to leave early to make my way to Freeport for Joshua Radin.  A threat of a thunderstorm cut the show short so it was a bit of a tease.  Luckily I already have my ticket to see him in November.

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