Friday, July 6, 2012

Silly For Silly's

I've been living back in Portland for over two years and I've been eating vegan for almost two years.  Why did I wait so long to try Silly's??  Who knows but I'm really glad I chose their patio as a spot for a late lunch today.

It is a truly funky, quirky environment.  There were plenty of trees for natural shade and an abundance of patio umbrellas for even more shade on this very toasty afternoon.  I had three wait staff helping me equally.  What struck me was that while yes, the service was fantastic, it wasn't great in the way that sometimes you know a waitperson is polite and professional but behind the dead eyes would rather be anywhere else, and really you just can't help but understand and agree with them?  Well, today at Silly's the wait staff truly seemed to have a peaceful joy surrounding them.  They seemed genuinely happy and pleased to be where they were in that moment.

Now on to the food...  I told the waiter that I had never eaten there before and that I was vegan.  No problem, he's vegan too and assures me that I can't go wrong.  He answered some questions and told me about the specials. 

I decided before I sat down that I would be having the deep fried pickles.  Just because they are a delight and these came with a tangy sauce.  I have no idea what was in it but when you combine the crunch of the pickle with the soft coating dipped in a creamy, tangy glad there were plenty left to bring home!

After the pickles I was glad I opted for a small salad.  It is a green goddess salad that was a daily special.  The greens (spinach, kale and collard) were crunchy fresh and the dressing a perfect compliment.

I know I'm going to seem like a glutton but I also ordered strawberry coconut cake to go.  Check out the size of this thing.  This whole meal was such a rare, wonderful treat that I did indulge.  And I will be back!

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