Monday, July 23, 2012

More Pics-Thru The Years...

My mother spent a lot of time and effort and poured a ton of love into making me an incredible slideshow for my birthday.  It included pictures of me as a newborn right through a week before.  There were a few pictures that stood out either becuase they were sentimental, I hadn't seen them before or because they were just freakin' hysterical!

Here are just a few of the many she put together:

Here I am with my mom.  It's one of the only pictures of us where I don't have a finger shoved up my nose or I don't look angry.  Mom looks pretty happy too!

Here I am helping my grandfather shovel snow.  I probably even liked snow back then.  My how things have changed :)

All I can say about this is:  Those curls, that skin, that hair, that shirt.  I had it all going on :)

I wanted so badly to be a preppy girl in the early 1980's.  I even had a copy of the Preppy Handbook which is a hoot to read all these years later.  I had forgotten this picture but judging by my socks I was taking the whole pink and green preppy thing as far as I could!

This picture is going to be framed immediately!  I had totally forgotten about it.  We look like we are having a blast which we love.  The red and white striped pants though are a mystery.  An absolute mystery.  I think mom photoshopped them in :)

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