Wednesday, January 11, 2012

How Cool Is This Room?

My employer is very serious about being a "Great Place To Work".  They are trying to come up with creative benefits to make it a more desirable work environment.  For example, we now get our birthday off and every day is jeans casual dress.  I have been quietly advocating for months that many of the the Great Places To Work companies have some equivalent of a nap room.  I think we should have a space to get away, plug in some soft music and lay back in a massage chair.  I haven't sold the idea in my department quite yet but our marketing department just unveiled this room. Theirs isn't so much a relaxation space as it is an energizing, cool hangout.  It totally rocks!

Clearly Marketing has a serious budget to afford this furniture:

This is the sign that greets you at the door:

Their bookcase is loaded with neat stuff:

One whole wall was painted with chalkboard paint!:

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  1. I want that room in my house! Very cool - especially the whole wall of chalkboard paint! Hope your department gets something equally cool really soon...