Wednesday, January 1, 2014

52 Week Money Challenge

Last year this was making the rounds on Pintrest and I considered doing it. The concept is that you save the amount of money for the corresponding week.  In week one you save $1 and in week 52 you save $52.  At the end of the year you have accumulated $1,378.   However, I had just started a totally new budget for myself and I was already overwhelmed at the thought of managing my money in any way so I didn't need to throw in another complication.  Plus, I absolutely knew that week 32 (or some other double digit week) would come along and I would not have the money, I would get depressed and dig out whatever money had accumulated in the jar and head to the mall.  

This year is a different story.  I have been successfully managing a realistic budget for the past year.  I still struggle to have enough money for all that I want but most weeks I do have enough money for all that I need.   I decided to try it out with one twist.  Each week I choose how much money to put in the jar and cross that off the list.  So, once I deposit $5 it's done.  That way when there's a really horrible week I can deposit only a couple dollars and still be on track.  It reminds me a bit of playing Yahtzee.  It's always tempting to use your chance or ones on a crappy roll but you know that there will be a roll later on where you will wish you has the chance or ones to cross off.  Same concept here.  I will need to really think if it's truly a tough week before I cross of that $1 week.  

Here is my jar.  It isn't pretty and nothing is really sticking on that well but I hope it will serve its purpose.

Happy New Year!

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  1. I think this is a brilliant idea! I really think you should push through with this. Simply by writing down your goals, you are constantly reminded of them every time you look at them. In this case, you will be motivated to save whatever amount of money you planned to save for that week. $1 may not be that much at first, but as your funds grow as the year goes along, the more you will be motivated to save. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you started this and that you would be successful.

    Hortensia Whitworth @