Sunday, June 2, 2013

Toying With The Idea For A New Blog

I am officially hooked on saving money by way of couponing!  I never thought that I could get any benefit from it so I have been absolutely blown away by the results!  I discussed how I got started here: Help With My Grocery Budget.  One thing that I've noticed comes up frequently when I talk to people is they express disbelief that given my vegan diet I can be successful in any way using coupons.  When I mention that every single week I use coupons for produce I actually get an open mouth stare.  Yet it has been amazingly easy to save great amounts of money of fruits, vegetables, organic brands, natural items etc.  I have subscribed to several blogs and while there is a bit of overlap I find that between all of them I seem to hit on most of the good deals.  However, I also find myself weeding though coupons for Hormel meat, Ramen noodles, and tub of margarine to find the little gems that interest me.  I searched for a  coupon/savings site geared toward a natural plant based diet and found nothing.  There are a whole lot of blogs about eating healthy and living a natural lifestyle.  There are a bunch of recipe blogs.  I couldn't easily find anything that showed ways to save money on these items.  It got me thinking of what might be involved in starting another blog devoted to that single topic.  It's one thing to do this little blog that only about a dozen people read and another thing entirely to try to create a blog that is intended to be "the real deal".  So, I'm exploring the options and what is involved and in the meantime I am going to share my deals of the week!

I got everything in the photo below for completely FREE!  It's about $20-25 worth of stuff and it's my haul from just the past week and without really doing any major research or going out of my way at all.  This just doesn't get old!

The photo below is an honorable mention of super cheap salad mixes.  These were just on sale for an amazing price of .97 cents each.  I had a coupon for $1.50 off two Fresh Express.  Folks-That works out to 22 cents a bag!!

So, I will continue to mull over this new blog idea and continue to keep looking for great deals!


  1. I think you just hit on your million dollar idea.

  2. I agree with Kate. I have to admit I have never tried any kind of couponing. I don't even know where to start, but I'd like to try it. I want some free Nutrisse haircolor - - that's the kind I use! :)

  3. Thanks ladies-still thinking it all through. Heather-It's also the brand I always buy. So, I would buy it regardless but I got it free-love it :)

  4. After I read your blog post I searched for a coupon for Nutrisse and found one for $2 off, and Walgreens has it on sale this week for $1 off, so I will get a $3 savings. Think I will head down there this morning!