Saturday, June 22, 2013

Now THIS is a party!

Thursday night I headed to Topsham for a summer solstice party.  I had been invited before but this was the first time I was able to attend. To me a large party is like 10-15 people standing around with a drink for a couple of hours.  I had heard of large annual blockbuster gatherings but had never been to one.  Until Thursday.

I pulled up and started counting cars.  I lost track after about 35.  Later in the evening I couldn't help myself and started counting people.  There had to be at least 100 people including kids.  This was good for me as it's a bit easier to hide out in a large group and just sit back and be an observer.  There was a band playing so I lost myself in listening to them.  They were not some little amateur act but a real band who plays at weddings and clubs and such.  They were really entertaining!  They played a little bit of everything. Here are The Veggies:

There were also more hula hoops than I could count with children and adults all over the lawn hooping to the beat of the music.  I'm really sensitive to not taking pictures of people's children so I got the next few shots from behind and far away.

Later the band took a break so that everyone could engage in a silly string war.  Everyone headed to this nearby field and ran around like crazy until all of the silly string cans were empty. Someone had posted on the event page that afternoon about how the stores were selling out of silly string.  I thought that comment might be a bit dramatic but I now I realize it had to have been entirely true!

After all of the excitement I decided to wonder around their property. I knew they were right on the water.  A very short stroll led me to the most amazing beach I've ever seen.  The water was crystal clear, there were green islands in the near distance, and the sand was perfectly clean and lightly colored.  

I left just as it was getting dark as the band played on and people continued eating and drinking.  I got to see a few old friends and meet a few new ones.  It was the perfect start to a four day weekend!

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