Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Few Things Making Me Happy and One That Isn't

For this episode of "Things I'm Loving" the item right at the top of the list is that I have a road trip planned to Connecticut to see Tom Keifer.  After seeing him in Portland in February I swore that if he came back to New England I was not only going to see him but I was going to splurge to be sure I met him!  Here is the letter explaining how the meet and greet and sound check stuff works and my very cheesy VIP laminate!

I am also loving the quick deals I have been making.  I headed to Shaw's tonight for just a few items and I saved 70%.  I am well stocked on whole wheat pasta and I got four bags of yummy Food Should Taste Good chips.  Throw in a very cheap jar of pickles and a free fruit chew and it was a fun, easy trip!

Since I got my Amazon Prime subscription I have been sucked into the A&E show Storage Wars.  It's a bit scary how much I love, love it! I so want to hang out at an auction with this gang!

Storage Wars

I bought this purse this season and I adore it!  It is roomy enough to hold everything, the fabric is adorable and the flower makes it perfect!

I was in the car yesterday and heard this song.  It's the prettiest, most haunting song I've heard in quite a while.

Alright, here it is:  The one that isn't making me happy.  Last year on Memorial Day weekend I was hanging out in my backyard and it was sunny and HOT.  I guess every year can't have this view:

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