Sunday, April 28, 2013

Night And Day

Yesterday was one of those days that started and ended in such complete polar opposites that it's hard to believe they were a day in the life of the same person.

My morning began by bringing Lou to the vet.  It's tough because it begins with a 30 minute car ride and is followed by all kinds of poking, prodding, and strange people.  He normally crashes on the ride home which is kind of sweet but shows you how exhausting the whole thing is-for both of us.  

Yesterday's vet visit was less involved than it normally is because I decided to stop giving Lou the three medications he had been taking daily.  I had a long and thoughtful  conversation with Lou's veterinarian who I trust and respect and as he puts it "Lou and I go way back".  We agreed to stop "putting our noses in the lab results" and focus instead on keeping Lou happy and content.  Lou's vet and I talked about making sure that Lou was interacting with me and enjoying life in his own way.  And Lou does.  This conversation was just one of many that I expect we will have and it felt very mature and respectful to begin having the conversations now when Lou is still a little champ.

He knows this is the way out of the exam room!

Coming back in after having his nails trimmed.

To the point that he still enjoys life we went outside today and he rolled and basked in the sun for quite a while.  However, a couple of things happened that really caught me off guard.  The first was that when I put his harness on I mistook the neck loop for the waist loop.  He is that skinny and it just floored me that I could mix up the two.  The other thing was that a lady stopped and mentioned that she just got a harness for her cat and hoped he would enjoy it like Lou.  I mentioned that he had been doing this his whole life.  And she said "he is an old man isn't he".  Just like that.  She said it very sweetly-not at all in a mean way but I guess I like to think that even though he's eighteen he looks much younger.  I guess no longer.  

So, that was my day and after a quick nap it was on to the evening.  When it was announced that Quiet Riot was going to be in Maine I totally wanted to go until I saw it was $39 a ticket.  I'm sorry but $39 for a band without Kevin DuBrow in Standish Maine just isn't worth it to me.  But then they announced a two for one Facebook deal and when I learned a friend was going I knew that an affordable plan was in place.  My friend is very into the opening band and I also enjoy them so we thoroughly enjoyed the opening act.  Once they finished their set I explained that I was moving right up front and was she comfortable coming with me.  She was and it was such a good decision!  We totally got lost in the music.  The vibe was fantastic and the band, despite only one original member, was very worthy of the Quiet Riot name.  I'm so glad that I got to go and have the whole experience.  I went with a longtime friend and I saw and chatted with bunches of acquaintances that I hope may develop into friends. 

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