Saturday, February 23, 2013

Tom Keifer

I've gone to a lot of concerts lately.  For whatever reason they don't usually end up on this blog.  I should probably try to do better with that because they would be fun to look back on.  Anyway, the fact that this is my second Cinderella related post in under a year should clearly illustrate my huge adoration and devotion to the band and especially its lead singer.

Tom Keifer began working on a solo album years ago.  Many different issues prevented its completion most notably vocal cord issues where he was told he would never sing again.  At long last the album is set to be released this spring. Clips from some of the songs can be found on his website It was announced that Tom was going to play a limited number of small venues prior to the release.  Imagine my huge delight when Portland was announced as one of the cities.  I bought my ticket (for a disgustingly low price) and waited for 6 weeks or so until the night of the show.  It had been snowing all day and it seems we missed another major blizzard by just a few miles.  It was cold and very windy but out I went into the night to see this show.

At concerts I have always used my iPhone  to take photos and been very pleased with the results.  I recently bought a new camera and wanted to try it out.  I brought it to take just a few photos.  I didn't want to find myself stuck with a new camera that I couldn't figure out how to operate!

Here is a shot with my iPhone:

And here is a similar shot with the new camera:

I'm no camera pro but I would say that iPhone is doing pretty well!  I would still like to work a bit with the zoom on the new camera and see if that gives me some results that the phone doesn't..  

Anyway, The show was beyond amazing in too many ways to describe here.  One thing I really loved was the diversity of Tom's performance and his amazing voice. I had hoped to post two video clips of what is probably Cinderella's most popular song- "Don't Know What You Got" but tech issues are preventing that.  The first clip has him seated with his wife singing a melodic, pretty acoustic version of the song.  The second clip has his wife leave the stage, he stands up, switches out guitars and...there's that Tom Keifer voice we all know, remember and love!  He still has it like I knew he did! Since I can't post the video I'll share a few more photos.

I'm so looking forward to the new album. I am so proud and thankful that this man still has a career doing what he loves and is great at.  I am so lucky to still be a part of it!

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