Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Homes In Another Time

Every once in a while I Google my address just to see what comes up.  Does everyone else do that?  Recently I stumbled across this picture of my apartment building from 1924.   It actually still looks amazingly the same from the outside.  It's the inside that is completely different as this building was transformed from a single dwelling to multiple apartments.  This picture is credited to Maine Memory.Net.  It also included some survey assessment paperwork that described the home as a very old, single dwelling in a poor condition of repair!

I also happened upon this picture on Face Book.  It is of Green Street in Topsham where I lived from 1997-2003.  I believe that the white building seen on the left side of  the photo is where I lived.  The date of the photo is April 2,1887 and it states it is of Green Street looking up toward Elm.  I think this picture is fascinating.  What a storm that had to have been.  And the road looks so narrow.  Clearly no snow plows back in 1887!

Since I had stumbled upon those two photos I decided to see what I could find for Bath where I lived until I was 8 and then again from 2003-2010.  I found a bunch of photos of the Patten Free Library where I spent many an afternoon. This is a photo of the construction of the original part of the library in 1889. Check out the workers sitting up on the roof.

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