Saturday, November 24, 2012

Tree Lighting

A bit last minute a friend and I decided to head down to Monument Square to watch the annual tree lighting. 

We passed by this at Longfellow Square:

The library has its annual open house the night of the tree lighting.  This year they have an art exhibit that has been going on all fall.  I'm open to nearly any kind of art.  This guy had very whimsical works that told little stories.  Some of the stories were funny and some were just plain weird.  We also enjoyed a bit of live Jazz music before heading outside into the not at all cold air.

After a verrryyy long musical set by Rick Charette and his Bubblegum Band we were rewarded with this:


Here are a couple of cool light displays as we made our way back up Congress Street:


Earlier in the night the when deciding where to have a post-lighting drink the comment was made "I would like a good martini". There's only one place to go in town if you want a good martini.  So, Kathadin it was:


The night got a bit crazy after that.  Let's just say we ended up in Scarborough at the beach with me dipping my fake Ugg boots in the water at high tide! This is what the beach looks like at night in November!

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  1. As usual, I was entertained by your recap of a fun outing. Your posts are always a bright spot in my day.