Friday, November 2, 2012

Food I'm Loving Right Now

The past couple of weeks I have had a bounty of fresh, delicious, healthy food.  I have been coming to terms with the cliche middle age spread that occurred at precisely the moment I turned 40.  I have also been paying more attention to the fact that some of my favorite extremely healthy foods are not low calorie...bummer.  It's frustrating to think that I could eat junk food and calorie for calorie come out ahead of fresh plant based food. 

Here are some food wins from the past week.

I seldom eat ice cream these days.  There are some good substitutes using soy or almond milk but the variety of flavors isn't very wide and I usually just pass it up.  I had a recipe for frozen banana ice cream that seemed to simple but when I tried it...magic!  Freeze a couple of bananas and then process in a food processor.  Keep scraping down the sides.  You might think that nothing special is happening and then...poof...the magic happens!

I also love baked kale chips.  They are ridiculously expensive to buy and pretty darn easy to make yourself so that is the route I have tried to take.  It has taken several rounds to perfect the baking time, oven temperature etc. but I think I may have finally gotten it!  I take washed and dried kale, sprinkle it with sea salt and garlic powder and add a drizzle of olive oil.  I bake it in an oven at 225 degrees for as long as I can stand it (about 30 minutes) before I think that the smoke detector (which is extremely sensitive) will start going nuts.

I've been experimenting with having different homemade wraps at lunch.  I've been taking nuts and processing them into a spread.  Last week it was almonds with celery and pickle.  This week it was cashews with garlic and oregano. 

On a separate note-I would like to report that Lou and I weathered the storm without any worries.  The lights flickered a couple of times and the wind howled like crazy.  This is Lou at the height of the storm.  Unimpressed it seems:


  1. Yum. I feel like I have been in a rut, food-wise, for some time now. This post inspired me. I have a sensitive stomach and have found that I have eliminated food after food until I have been eating nothing but pretzels, crackers, and anything else that is bland and contains absolutely no nutritional value. I have been wanting to try kale chips for a long time...need to put those on my to-do list.