Saturday, May 19, 2012

Nature Woke Up!

I recently returned from a two weeks plus out of the country (more on that later).  Before I left we definitely had some nice days and things were turning green but when I left it was April and still a bit quiet in the outside world.  When I!!  All the rain we received along with the calendar turning over into May really made for a beautiful homecoming.

I was thrilled to go into Whole Foods and find these:  Strawberry & Rhubarb Crisp here I come!

I missed capturing a couple of blossoming trees in front of my house but these beautiful pink flowers are currently in full bloom.  I couldn't resisted sneaking a few into my house.  They are brightening up downstairs in three different spots. 

There is also a lilac tree at the end of the street right next to the congestion of traffic converging to go across the bridge.  I love how something so beautiful can grow and prosper in what I would imagine is a rather hostile environment.

I really enjoyed my time away.  However, me cat assures me that I won't be going anywhere else...ever.  So, I'm glad it's so pretty right here at home!

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