Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spa Day

On Friday I spent five hours at the Senator Inn Spa.  I started out with a long workout in the gym.  I forgot my ipod so I didn't really enjoy my time on the treadmill but I still persevered and did about 30 minutes cardio and the rest weight machines, free weights, balance ball and jump rope.  After a quick shower I headed to the pool area.  

The pool area is my favorite part.  It looks like serenity with a painted cloud ceiling.  There is a hot tub on one end and a large mineral pool for when the hot tub is too warm.  There is also a steam room and dry saunas.  Heaven!  

After being wet for a while I was ready to just relax poolside in my white fluffy robe reading some magazines that I had picked up in the fitness room.

Finally, I headed up to the treatment rooms waiting area and had a fabulous massage.  It's even better that work reimburses me for the massage as part of a wellness incentive.  So, a perfectly lovely day...and all for a $20 co-pay!

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  1. A $20 CO-PAY!!?? That's awesome, although I have to admit I'm a teensy bit jealous! :)