Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hypocritical Tanning?

It only takes a quick look at me to realize that I don't have skin that tans.  Over the years I've gotten very well versed at sunscreen application and am pleased to say that I can enjoy plenty of time in the sun enjoying myself and I don't get burned or get any color at all.  I wish our society didn't place such an emphasis on tanned Caucasian skin being the norm of beauty.  I've never even dabbled in sunless tanning because it seemed hypocritical.  Even if I received my color in a safe manner wasn't I still perpetuating the idea that tan is best?

But I admit I am human and this past week I started dabbling with self-tanner.  I have two very important back to back trips coming up: a Mexican cruise followed by a stay at a resort in Aruba.  I kind of thought it might be nice to have some glow.  

I started experimenting with the Jergens Natural Glow that has been around for several years.  

After a few days here was the beginning of a tan I only applied the lotion on the top of my left hand so that I could have the right hand to compare.  I'm not sure how easy it is to see in the pictures but the left hand definitely has a nice, subtle tan color emerging:

After a full week I had a tan that might be a little too strong for me. This picture isn't such a yellowish color as the first one so it actually looks less bright here but brighter in person, if that makes any sense.   Maybe I'm just not used to the color.  You can clearly see my "tan lines" on my hand.

So, I am definitely conflicted.  Questions I find myself asking:

1. Am I being a hypocrite?
2. Is it worth the time and effort and apply and keep up before and during vacation?
3. Is the color natural and more importantly is it me?

Hmmm....I'm honestly not sure how I feel about this one.  But kudos to Jergens because the product really does work and it was super easy to use. 

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