Saturday, March 31, 2012

Portland Has A Visitor

I thought I left work in plenty of time to avoid any road closures or temporary traffic stops due to Obamas's visit.  I made it to the light at State and Danforth and traffic seems stopped for no reason: the bridge must be up.  It seemed much too early at 4:15 for this to be caused by Obama.  I was barely able to scoot around a couple of cars to make a right hand turn and that's when I noticed the police barricade.  Okay, this was more than the bridge being open.  I made my way to my little parking spot at the end of State Street and this is the view I encountered.  No traffic as far as the eye could see.

As a walked up the hill I saw traffic just stopped.  People were trapped.  Can't go forward and no way to go back.  So, people got out of their cars and were milling around.

I guess it wasn't enough to have the police cars at the bottom of the hill near the bridge and going up the hill at the intersection of State and Danforth.  There also was a police car stopped snack in the middle.  Just in case...

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