Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Please Spring...

I'm done with winter.  I've been done since January 1st.  I allowed a couple big storms to get everything all out of its system and then by February 1st I was REALLY done.  Now that it's March I am fearful of what may happen if we get another storm.

This was the view Saturday morning.  I will concede that it was a beautiful, peaceful, calm after the storm type of morning. I actually enjoyed the stroll to pick up my car after the 5th parking ban of the season.  Still, it bothers me that the snow is that high.  I decided I needed to do something to bring some spring into my life.

I bought some daffodils. I love their metaphor for spring.  They start out barren and bleak without any color and it's hard to believe that they will soon turn into something beautiful.  The second picture is 24 hours later and the last picture is 72 hours total.  The temperature may dip into the single digits tonight, there may be ice and snow threatening to trip me when I walk out the door.  But in my kitchen...spring has arrived!

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